My 23andMe Results | Live Reaction to my Health & Ancestry DNA Test

My 23andMe Results | Live Reaction to my Health & Ancestry DNA Test

I got my DNA tested with 23andMe and read the results live on camera. I was nervous and excited to see what my DNA says about me. Genetics are WILD! Purchase your Health & Ancestry kit here: ▼MORE INFO BELOW▼



This video is not sponsored by 23andMe. I was given the kit as a gift by a family member.

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BREAKING NEWS – BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 can now be tested with 23andMe:

23andMe Granted First FDA Authorization for Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Test on Cancer Risk

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  1. You did the right thing by waiting to buy the 23andMe, because back in the day in the 1990s and 2000s DNA Test was very very Expensive at that time for sure?

  2. in the nicest possible way Olivia you have just sold you and your family's soul to the the evil system/genetic ancestry industry/devil .. your inherent DNA/RNA/SnRNA makeup has now been replicated to thousands of genetic profiling databases across the world and I shudder to think what they can now do with your genetic data.. I have checked hundreds of sites and it is not a pretty picture, the "system" now "owns" you and will use and abuse your genetic profile now and in the future, oh and the tests are completely inaccurate anyway due to migrating populations and the movement of geographical/man-made borders so I wouldn't look too happy, love anyways!

  3. just curious, how did they conclude you weigh more on diet high in saturated fat than others? what is the biomarker??

  4. Thanks Olivia for sharing your 23andme tests. I am seriously looking on it for my family and myself and the details you showed are very interesting 🙂

  5. This was a great video!! I should be getting mine back any day now and I’m super excited!

  6. I’m an h haplogroup too! So that means we share a maternal great great x100000 grandmother ! There aren’t many of us H out there

  7. Yes if you're Ashkenazi Jewish a BRCA test would probably be a good idea. And if you test positive for the problem genes you may want to get tested more frequently for the various cancers that could result. Of course if you test possible for the problem genes it doesn't necessarily mean you will get cancer.

  8. You my dear are Jewish as your mother is.

  9. Nice video! Now that you have 23andme raw data, you should definetely take ancestry test. I really recommend it, it entirely fit with the information that I already had and it is much more complete

  10. I'm still waiting to get the new update that updates the breakdown with the 120 new countries, and stuff, I'm hoping it breaks down some of the stupidly broad stuff that I ended up with.

    They did add 2 countries ive been hearing conflicting stories about so maybe ill learn which was a lie and which is true.

    I had been having stomach issues for all my life as well, tested with 23 and me told my doctor about celiac coming up and he tested me and I know for a fact I'm allergic to wheat. So it was right, and it kind of sucks.

  11. It looks like u have the new results with more ethnic groups!!!

  12. I did ancestry and I found my biological family It has been amazing. Hugs Heather

  13. Hi Olivia : ) warning…this is a long comment lol I'm African American and my mom has two different types of breast cancer, a different type in each one so it was highly recommended by my doctor to have the BRCA test done. I was provided with a lot of helpful information and my doctor answered every question I had. At my appointment to discuss the test, they sent me home with the info and I was to jot down any questions or concerns I had so when I went in for the test, I could get those answered beforehand. This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but being an OB/GYN nurse, its surprising how many patients don't think to do that which is very helpful. I had the blood test done and I had my results in a few weeks. My insurance did cover the test due to family history. I was negative so I was SO relieved to hear that news. I think it's important to at least discuss it with your doctor but you also need to be prepared to deal with the results, both positive and negative. I don't mean that in a rude/abrupt manner so please forgive if that's how its coming across : ) I did the Ancestry DNA kit and my results were pretty cool to see for sure. Anyway, I hope my two cents regarding my personal experience with the BRCA testing is somewhat helpful for you. Off topic…I've been a long time follower of yours and I just love your channel and the amazing content you share. I'm in the process of updating my website (my hubby is a Software and Network engineer so in reality he's doing the work I'm just letting him know what I want lol) so your tips and tricks surrounding Etsy are helpful to me even though I'm no longer selling on that platform. I'm a paper crafter, mixed media artist and product designer for several major companies in the crafting community, so I appreciate the small shop owner side of things that you share with us. Sorry for such a long comment : )

  14. I Got my 23 and me almost a year ago and I love it!! Still from time to time I hop in and take a look if they found something new – they are always updating so it’s soooo interesting – both to se what they get right and what they missed 😉

  15. Olivia, look up epigenetics. It explains how genetics do not determine whether you get a particular disease. Really worth learning about if you are concerned about genetics at all.

  16. This is so fun! I am in Australia – I wonder if I can still do that!

  17. That's so cool how high your percentage is for Ashkenazi Jewish. I'm about the same percentage British, which I wasn't expecting. ? I have the sickle cell trait – which has a large part of it genetic origins in West Africa – from my paternal side, and the AncestryDNA test picked up its possible ancestral origins my test, as well as Dad and two sisters'. Suddenly, I have this enormous interest in genetics! LOL, thanks for sharing, Olivia! ? I'm definitely going to have to try this test out.

  18. I got 1.3% Ashkenazi Jewish on my test and I match people who are close to 100% Ashkenazi Jewish. I find that really cool. Thanks for sharing your results.

  19. So cool! Thank you for sharing that. I'm currently waiting on my results, and that just made me more excited. I did the one though. I also did the DNA tests on my dogs which was super interesting too.

  20. Macular degeneration is in my family. My mother and her sister both had it. It is the most cause of blindness wen the macular starts to break up. I get gets every year and I've encouraged my cousins and brother to do the same. There is no cure as yet although I watched a documentary about it where a man had some of his stem cells transplanted into one eye and he did recover some sight. Fingers crossed that in the future there will be a cure. Advise from my optician is to eat lots of green vegetables.I'm thinking of getting one of these DNA kits but I'm in Scotland so will get one in UK. I enjoyed watching your looking through your results. Kindest regards Wendy

  21. I'm waiting on my results now. They were unable to get enough DNA from my first test so they sent me another one to try again. Fingers crossed it works this time. My husband and my parents did it so we are excited to see how I differ from them.

  22. whoops! I posted on the wrong video, I mean this one. This was really fun to watch. A friend did theirs and found out her dad was her uncle. Yikes!! Now I am kinda nervous to do one! hahaha!

  23. This was really interesting! I've been curious about these tests for a while now. I think I will give it a go. The little details like having a tendency to a unibrow were funny lol ?genetics is really fascinating. thanks for sharing!

  24. Keep in mind that you are not seeing both sides of your family. Only guys can see both sides of their family.

  25. So informative! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea they reveal that much about the individual.
    I have not considered the BRC testing since cancer has not been a problem in my family and my family members have had long lifespans. Only 2 had cancer.
    I went forty years with no stomach issues and then got tested at 42 and discovered that I am gluten intolerant. I noticed that your lunches were gluten-free. It has gotten easier over time because more and more gluten free options are available. It will help keep the weight down. Just be sure to compensate with more fiber.

  26. Wow so interesting! That will be so neat for you to read further into the ancestry reports! I can’t wait to get my results back, should be soon! I’m adopted, so the ancestry report is going to be so informative!

    My cousins did one of the genetic breast cancer tests after my aunt passed from triple negative breast cancer. They’re results were good in that they didn’t have any of those genetic markers I believe. I don’t know how expensive it is, but since you come from a high risk ancestry it would probably be a good idea!

  27. I just ordered mine monday! I wish I could've used your link and supported you. Your results were very interesting!

  28. I have wanted to do a 23 and me SO BAD but I'm also nervous about turning my DNA over (psychotic, I know) I mostly want to do it to definitively tell people my heritage (my family is unreliable) and to find the best weight loss steps.

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