Muslims have been lied to about their Ancestry DNA

Muslims have been lied to about their Ancestry DNA

Despite scientific data the lies that Muslims of Indian origin continue to spread persist. Ancestry DNA India Pakistan Bangladesh – Footage news program on Sonu Nigams Azan controversy



  1. Hilarious! 35th descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. Please donate to help that mullah relocate back to his motherland Saudi Arabia.

  2. Iam sure he is one, theSe bastrads are bhangee moosalman dhoosar slaves of 5000 years,

    Filthy untouchables

  3. I challenge him to a DNA test. He is a third rate hindu bengali convert. You will find him 96-97% South Asian+4-3% polynesian. All Indians have 3 or4% polynedian genes.

  4. I took my test, 0% Arab. Later I uploaded my results to another site. It came back as im a closest match to UP Brhamin and Kshatriya.

  5. 23 and me never stratify south asian dna if he did above fella a fair share of aruan /persian/arab mixing in them but they treat us equal means their salve. Pls put your dna on ged match than it stratify yor dna . Arab dna is asigned their by baloch and caucasian dna then after it u will conclue that whats your ancestry. Because if you have J2 haplogroup in you with waste intermixing then you will become asian south people but when you stratify your dna then your ancestry in real will be according to your intermixing . People like inferior in knowledge of scinece are not aware of this concept. Second thing on 23 and me a afrikan girl got 40 % europena dna beacuse his mother or father is european only one marriage the whole set of genes convert in 50%-50% ratio for african and european . if such gilr marry to a europen man then her progneis will have more then 50% dna of europe and after several generation their progenies will be similar to european . such phenomenon is also in Muslims of india who came who see who mixed with local. but surprisingly many muslims of UP and rajasthan have more 60% bloch +eurpean + caucasian dna form where they get if they are all convert because of intermixing they lost and decrese their ANI . second thing lots of fair skinned Brahamins and rajpoot converted in become khan syed and sheikh this is second reason of intermixing of forigen muslims in native people . Lets is up to people who are akin to convert all muslims to dalits for their slavery despite being the fact that most muslims women to men are millions time fairer than dalits , Shudras , Upper caste hindus but their genes imbibed by muslim dominancy over them and which get result like promoting farhan type guys.

  6. All Muslim used to lie, it is common practice as their fake Quran allow it. They are Hindu as per DNA test, but do not believe it. I am not sure why they like donkey and camel culture of India. So they are backward mentally, iq level and finance level etc.

  7. Seems like Indians are the most racially diverge yet most racists in the world.

  8. South East Asians ( yeah, including Indians) are a mixture of caucasoid, mongoloid, proto Australoid, negroid etc. , you name it we have it kind of ‘race’ . They mixed thousands of years ago. Read the Indian history ( including mythology)
    What does religion got to do with anything? . .
    Every single one has some % of something.
    We are all South East Asians. Grow up!

  9. The Muslims make India’s history look at the Taj Mahal made by Muslims I can get so many more examples a LOT of the Indian structures were inspired from the Middle East without the Arabs India would be nothing today the British would probably still control India if it wasn’t for the Muslims. Don’t try and push some bs into my head saying I should become Hindu.Being Muslim is who I and the rest off the nearly 500 million Muslims living ind the Indian sub content identify as so stfu

  10. You literally got 2 Indians out of the almost 2 billion Indian sub content

  11. Amarnath Dinamani

    if someone tells you to worship him alone, only God has the right to say that, and he never asked to WORSHIP him just like that,,

    He has bestowed his immense mercy and kindness and has provided and is still providing Everyone without any discrimination,,

    and Amaranth that's what your religion also teaches, go and learn your scriptures properly before you bluff

    and by the way, Taliban, ISIS is all Zionist made to screw MUSLIMS, but it ain't WORKING,,

    Go to United States of America and ask the christians there, they will tell you what's happening,,

    and by God's will the ZIONISTS plans are working against them, millions of Europeans and Americans are reverting back to Islam since 9/11

    So go and educate Yourselves BEFORE U bluff

  12. U need to check your Dna haplogroup, you may have origin from Yemen ( J1) haplogroup

  13. Muslims must accept the fact that we are not historically born Muslims. It's true, our ancestors followed dharmik religions. Very soon after Turkic / Arab invasions many hindus Buddhist and jains were forcefully converted to Islam.
    So, Muslims in india(today) are the main victims of Arab and Turkic invasions. I 100% accept that Muslims in indian subcontinent are not historically Muslims. They were hindus. Since childhood, I thought we came to India from Arab, but when I realised that we were hindus, i started researching on Hinduism and now thinking to convert to Hinduism.

  14. Ignorant Farhan Qureshi and his stupid Hindu followers are a huge problem to the pride of India,, These morons just copy paste anything they get from media, but they don't even know MUSLIMS ARE LIVING PEACEFULLY WITH THEIR HINDU BROTHERS , BECAUSE THEY HAVE EDUCATION,, WHEN PEOPLE LIKE THIS WITH LITTLE EDUCATION START USING MULTIMEDIA THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS,, MONKEYS GOT MACHINES AT THEIR HANDS,,


  15. The problem with Hindu brothers and sisters is that they don't even read their scriptures and comment on dharmic religions, all they know is to worship anything that they believe can benefit from , they will even pray to a stone thinking it can benefit them,, and they have lots of epic lies like Mahabharata and Ramayana and even Bhagavat Gita is a man-made scripture,, Very sad for ignorant fools,, GO GET EDUCATED, LEARN THE TRUE VEDAS,, THE UPANISHADS,, AND THEN COMMENT ON OTHER RELIGIONS,, DONT BE SO STUPID, TALKING ON DHARMA ETC,, EDUCATE URSELVES FIRST,, DONT TALK WITH HALF BAKED KNOWLEDGE U RECEIVE FROM SAINTS WHO DONT EVEN TAKE A BATH ONCE IN A WEEK,,

  16. Dude what you got against Sri Lankans, you Sri Lankan. Lol.

  17. I'm an Indian whos family is Muslim, I did a DNA test and I always claim to be Indian, NOT Arab. I just did a video too!

  18. Hey, Farhan it's self-hate I have seen a number of South Asian Muslims who have taken the test and will put there small middle eastern ancestry up in a pedestal and not acknowledge there overwhelming south Asian ancestry. It's insane I'm Ethiopian and I took the test and even though the majority of my ancestry is Middle Eastern I don't go around claiming I'm one!

  19. Someone is claiming that Islam teaches to proclaim the oneness of God which is putting down other Gods and dats the root of all problems,,

    ha ha ha,, Then ask him why should he claim that he has only one father, instead let him claim that he has tonnes of father , every man is his father. let him accept that way

    We MUSLIMS have One father, One Final Teacher or Messenger, and One God. Even lionesses accept one king as their soul mate and leader. What are Hindus doing ? Claiming lots of fathers ???? shame on deviant Hindus who don't even know their own Religion

  20. Farhan Stupid Qureshi, do you know whose Shri Ram in the first place ?? Ha ha ha,, First come to India and learn Hinduism. Don't jump up thinking that you have found truth. you have ended up in total disaster. You are just a FOOLISH internet boy wasting your life on fools.

  21. Brother , go get a life, just bcos one idiot who claims the blood relation to the Prophet Muhammad SAWS by himself will you pick him from a news channel and highlight that to blame other Muslims ?? It doesn't justify that all Muslims accept this fool. We don't even such idiots are they are already a trash. Now we MUSLIMS are not following people, we follow the holy Qur'an. The Qur'an has instructed us whom to follow as a guide, and we adhere to that. If it were not commanded to follow the prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an, we would have neglected even the Hadith books completely. So we do follow strictly the Qur'an, not such idiots who appear in Indian media's.

    Farhan idiot, why don't you make videos on the media lies like Fox, CNN, BBC, etc instead of wasting time to prove Islam is wrong ? What have you found as the right Religion ??

    You yourself haven't found the truth, how will you save others ???

    you are indeed the biggest fool of the decade, don't worry one day you will regret for all these,, in Shaa Allah

  22. Arabs come from a lower place and anyone who supports such as being a muslim in india should be deported to arabia all 300 million muslims over the age of 5

  23. It seems every other person in Pakistan claims descent from prophet Muhammad.

  24. I'm glad this "Indian" Muslim is claiming ancestry of the so called prophet of Mohammad who didn't even exist.
    So he needs to be deported with Indian citizenship revoked back to arabia, because kannadigas, biharis, maratis, sindhis, punjabis , telugus shud not have to tolerate a descendant of a foreigner in there land .
    Parsis and Jews in India are fine as they had to flee islamic persecution in there homeland of Iran and Iraq. They come in peace and live in peace ☮️.
    However this so called Muslim on tv has his own Arabian Islamic country where he claims ancestry.
    So his stay in India is occupation .
    They can't complain about the occupation of Jews in "Palestine" and at the same time occupy Hindustan as Arabians

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