Middle Eastern AncestryDNA Prediction & Questions!

Middle Eastern AncestryDNA Prediction & Questions!

Here is part 1 for my AncestryDNA results! If anyone has a similar story as mine or more information as to my predictions please feel free to comment below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos❤



  1. u r armenian/persian. you got the amazing eyes from your persian genes.

  2. Yeah it’s stupid I don’t get why Palestine isn’t middle eastern country while israhell is.

  3. iam 42 % Middle east
    37% North Africa
    12% Spain
    Roots of my parents are from Arabia.They lived in North Africa and they lived in Andalousia

  4. Philistine near lebanon so you should have at least 20% italian/greek on your dads side.

  5. hey reem, you should do ftdna, it splits the middle east up into 4 categories (Asia Minor, East Middle East, North Africa, and West Middle East). im full armenian and i got 100% asia minor (which only included armenia, turkey and no where else). meanwhile i got like 12 percent europe and 88 percent middle east and north africa on 23 and me which was super unhelpful. if your mom is ethnically armenian, you should get significant asia minor in your results.

  6. oh god it is really not hard to figure people! Middle Eastern means probably you have Semitic roots (this include Arab, Jews, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Arameans, and Lebanese). Caucuses is the non-Semitic people in Middle East (Persians,Turks, Kurds,Armenians).

  7. Armenians are Armenian. every single one of them.

  8. So pretty. You definitely look more caucasian than Arab. Your eyes and nose are the give away.

  9. You share the beautiful features of the original Armenians! We are the descendants of the Urartu, Hurrian and Hitties tribes of Mesopotamia from the Ancient Near East…That is how Armenians came to be. So, no, you're not necessarily Iraqi! You're just a descendant of the original Armenian people, who originate from what is now Iraq! Middle Eastern Armenians need to embrace their history and understand their roots. We are NOT from the Caucuses. We come from Anatolia, Mesopotamia and in some cases, the Iranian Plateau. If you're Middle Eastern genetically then you are a true Armenian, because our ethnic group was birthed in the Middle East. You look exactly like most of the women in my family. We should be flaunting our Middle Eastern roots, because we are the original Armenians! Just thought you should be made aware. Take care!

  10. Heres how you find out. Look at your cousin matches and which ever cousins are not the palestinean ones, ask where the others are from. If they are Armenian, theres your answer. If they are Iraqi, theres your answer

  11. I guess a high middle eastern dna Because you look very middle eastern light brown skin black hairs and eyes…Typical…

  12. Is it a matter of life or death to know LOL?

  13. Don't worry the reason Iraq is listed in the Caucaus is because of the Kurdish people in Iraq not because of Arab Iraqis. Arab Iraqis would have much more Middle Eastern. I'd guess your results will be: 35% Middle Eastern 45% Caucaus 10%European Jewish 9%Italian/Greece 1%Africa North

  14. my guess is:
    50% middle eastern
    40% caucasus
    10% Italy greece

  15. I guess 60% Caucuses, 25% Middle East, 8% Italy/Greece, 3% Africa North, 2% Asia Central or Asia South, 2% Europe East

  16. Im half egyptian and half filipino im pale but got very tanned while in the philippined (its 3 digits farenheit) so my idk anything about my dad but i know he is egyptian he has curly hair while my mom (filipina) has little mexican and east asian and pacific islander. My half sister is pure egyptian and she has green eyes 🙂 so i hope i did my best explaining 🙂 youre beautiful

  17. Hi, I'm going to predict that your DNA results will be 40% Middle eastern, 40% caucasus, finally 15% Iberian and 5% Italy/Greek.

  18. Hello friends! QUICK UPDATE: After posting this video yesterday, I coiencidentaly received an email from AncestryDNA saying that my DNA results are being processed now!

  19. Salam
    I think you are 50 % arab 40 % Caucasian/Iranian 10 % Italy Greece ✌? Let we know

  20. Hi! Great first video- I definitely feel your frustration and confusion with this, I'm going to assume that your only real bet is, if your Middle East is far higher than your caucus percentage, then it's likely your mum is iraqi (which would mean she could still have a lot of dna from the caucus anyway hence confusing matters further!). Otherwise, GEDmatch is for sure your best bet. Looking forward to your results vid!

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