1. Okay but what would you do if you actually got to meet timothée?? I feel like you’ll just kinda starer at his eyes and like smile awkwardly or something

  2. i’d love to see a video on the curly girl method

  3. please for the love of my ugly ass hair do a vid on the curly girl methoddddddd

  4. It looks so cool and cloudy over there, I live in California and it's fucking hot as hell still. :C

  5. Long hair is the shit don’t think about cutting it ?

  6. yo hit us w that curly girl method pls before i grab my straightener again

  7. girl ima follow you but use your school email for Spotify, you’ll finessse the system hahah!! ?

  8. Can we see an updated everyday makeup tutorial since you do less now ?

  9. Every time I watch your videos I question my sexuality

  10. Where did you get your shirt from?? it’s cute:)

  11. “Timmotheé DM or I’m gonna kill myself”?? MEEEEEEE?❤️

  12. girlie u should give omar apollo a listen if u haven't heard him!! which tbh u probably have but… im still posting this comment!!! love u!

  13. Yes girl do a video on your hair! I havent put heat in my hair since august 7th! Which is a huge deal for me because I always used to straighten my hair, I wanted my hair to grow because ive always felt insecure about my short hair 🙁 it started falling out after the death of my mom & just more shit & I still dont like my hair & i do see a difference! I would love to see a video of your hair !! ❤

  14. shiiiiiiit i be napping in my car in the parking garage on da regular

  15. Does anyone know what shoes she had on ? They looked cute from the glimpse that showed


  17. Pleaseeee drop your curly girl routine , I’m trying to go natural & I have no clue where to even start ?

  18. “Ladies we are one step closer to Timothèe Chalamet” LMAO if that’s no me… ?

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