I’M WHITE?!? | AncestryDNA Results

I’M WHITE?!? | AncestryDNA Results

This is something I’d been wanting to do for years now and I’m super happy to finally have some insight on my family’s roots!

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  1. Stupid americans, made cocktail now trying to find how this cocktail was made

  2. My great grandfather from my mom's side was adopted. Basically im not sure its true or not, that he's actually Portuguese. So I would like to try out to take a DNA test

  3. Mixed race person: "I'm half black and half white"
    Ignorant person: "You look black to me, so you must be black"

    Now imagine this

    Mixed race person: "I'm half Irish and half Polish"
    Ignorant person: "You look Polish to me, so you must be Polish"

    When have you ever heard the latter, or any variation of it?

  4. You beautifully look mixed. You have a wild look. No neoteny. You look like an extremely dark-skinned Emilia Clarke.

  5. If you know of history then you will know that Africans were the first migrants to walk the world. That alone will suggest that mixing has taken place why before the white man introduced slavery and the rapping of black women behind closed curtains.

    2nd, if we get rid of the general word black, you are not but you are light brown. This again suggest that somewhere along the line someone has been doing it with a light of complexion dude or women.

    3rd. Unfortunately in racist America, no matter your DNA result, a drop of black will always make you "black" unless you are a celebrating and they have interest in making you to seem white.

  6. We glad have you sister im white too its ok to be white

  7. Hope she marry a good white man and not a trash rap thug who dress like high schooler

  8. My dad DNA results updated and has 16% of England/Wales/Northwestern Europe. He denies it and think it is false cause of how dark he is he claims, where as most of the other results he has come out of Africa and have higher percent than the 16% I wish I knew who my ancestors were, some people were able to find that out too but I do not know how to discover them

  9. Baby you are Hebrew Israel, be proud that you are better than any other nation besides! Congratulations! One thing we must understand, any Country that we show in Europe, we have been in Europe as well. The very slave ships came from Europe to the new world.

  10. I can tell u what you are a pretty American girl thats all no more no less!

  11. Glad you found your "roots" and hope you're surviving the floods in your area! Come and visit South Africa some time, you will love it !

  12. It’s pretty obvious that you’re not fully black. All black Americans are partly mixed.

  13. Some of those DNA kits say they can use your DNA any way they want. Just wanted to let you know.

  14. Your dumb af if you trust the white man and his company's to tell you who your are and paying them to collect your DNA daf

  15. She is 8% European. Her father is Irish. I have seen videos where white people claim to be African because they have 4% DNA. There is absolute nothing wrong with people claiming their European heritage or any heritage they want.

  16. If ur White than Donald Trump is Black ??? keep dreaming u only making Black Women look bad learn to love yourself and the skin that your in u are truly blessed to have Melenin

  17. Maybe you are from The Gullah people from I think the Carolina's Islands…..check that out. A settlement there…..there is a movie about them….Oprah was in it.

  18. She seems extremely happy to attempt to identify as ‘mixed’ unfortunately for her, her skin is still black. I Can’t stand black people who beg being mixed, when majority of there DNA is black. They don’t deserve to have African blood in them. One little ‘half mixed’ grand parent and they want to claim that there mixed, black folk like this make me sick.

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