I’M WHAT ? | Mexican DNA Results

I’M WHAT ? | Mexican DNA Results

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  1. Puedes activar los subtitulos en español en la pantalla! ?

  2. For everyone wondering… Her face is exactly proportional to Northern Mexican indigenous women and her light complexion (skin and eyes) is obviously of Spanish influence. This is what a 100% native american girl from the region of Mexico where she's from looks like https://hsxkv1u54t43dtogs43snxk1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/sites/default/files/nodes/inline/viaje-mundo-seri-sonora-david-paniagua-550-13.jpg

    Her facial structure and hair and all it's proportions are similar yet just a tiny bit off since she also has Spanish admixture which gives her a higher forehead and wider less elongated yet almond shaped eyes and a more elongated and less rounded face than average native american girls from that region.

  3. This is the secret to why Mexicans look like everybody. When the Spanish came here they themselves already had a ton of French/Italian/Mediterranean/North African admixture and added that blend to the indigenous population. This is why Spaniards look both white and middle eastern and have both white skin like the Nordic countries and darker skin like in Greece or North Africa. On our indigenous side it is no secret that Native Americans themselves were very genetically diverse with some looking almost like East Asians and others being so dark some dumb explorers called them Black. Long story short: we are "la Raza Cosmica!" We look like everyone because we HAVE everyone's DNA. We are the original multi-ethnic country that literally built it's core ethno-national identity based on the concept of Mestizaje (raze mixing) in order to reach a racial equilibrium.

  4. 60% Native American over here. 10% Spanish 10% French 6% Italian and somehow 4% Jewish

  5. I'm also Mexican, but I came back 73% European and 25% Native, 2% African. My European is mostly British, followed by French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, and Greek. Oh my dad is white though, well he's also got a small amount of native

  6. Im 51% Native American and 44% European and supposedly 5% Persian.

  7. One girl did the DNA at Ancestry DNA and at 23And Me. The results were according to Ancestry DNA the girl was 97% from Europe, and 43% Jewish of her 97%. According to 23 And Me the girl was 70% from Black Africa? Wow! The girl called Ancestry DNA and screamed at them and said: “I am not Jewish”. You see, it’s all rubbish because we all know that being Jewish is following a religion and it is not a race!

    BILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world have an ancient ANCESTRY IN ARABIA? Yes Arabia, according to Professor Martin Richards (Leeds University) and Dr. Luisa Pereira (Porto University) based on their mitochondrial DNA research. According to these two independent and scientific institutions, the common ancestor (10,000 to 20,000 years back) was found in Arabia, and they have found an Arabic oldest ancestor that goes back as far as 60,000 years.

    How come no one has heard about this scientific discovery? Why do we have in the DNA results, Jewish %, Italian %, Greek, Spanish, Irish or British, French %, etc. but never ARABIC? Is Italian ancestry uniquely different from Greek compared to Arabic? Who's closer to Italian Arabic or Greek?

    Why Arabian, the ancient ancestor of billions of people, is not there or even mentioned in the DNA results? Who's behind all of this and what's their objective?

    Look at some Arab Bedouins today who live in remote, closed, isolated areas in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Arab Emirates, and most interestingly in YEMEN, aren't their looks very, very uniquely rare?

    What happened to today's 500 million ARABS! Did they disappear?

    The DNA test is a TASTELESS JOKE. If you’re an Arab doing the DNA ancestry test you may find "Jewish" blood in your test, but never ARABIC blood. Wow! What a joke!

    How about Muslim or Christian blood? Why we have never found Muslim blood in the DNA test? There are millions of Muslims who have been totally isolated who live in the mountains of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, etc. and have rarely mixed with other ethnic groups. How about their Muslim blood result?

    If you're a Muslim Chinese, would you test show that you're Muslim or Chinese?

    How about if you’re a Jewish Arab? What would your test show Jewish or Arabic blood?

    What a joke! Don't do the DNA test and waste your money and time.

    The DNA ancestry test is rubbish.

  8. Wow im more mexican then you and look less mexican then you. I have 56% from Mexico

  9. I don’t care what she is, or where she comes from because she is HOT!! I would love to date them all, and would be proud to mix some Texas DNA to our future descendants. Just kidding, but she is HOT!! ???

  10. Pocahottie..she does look full blood native american..

  11. When my in laws found out they weren’t mexickin, they always thought they were, they were so happy. They’re Greek, Sicilian, Spanish, and Czech

  12. I noticed most of Latina they look like Indian. Admit it! You look similar face of priyanka chopra.

  13. Well … The combination of European and a Mexican made something beautiful like you … Wow … You are so pretty.

  14. Most Americans are mixed race. Mine came out all white. New England states have the most white that's were I'm from

  15. And you're a 100 % bimbo!

  16. How can you be "Mexican" and not know that is a mix of European and Native American?

  17. They won’t automatically have the same as you bc you’re siblings. They can get past more or less or something different

  18. If you are ilegal you are gone! Breaking Federal Law is punishable. If you are legal then no problem, simply very simple

  19. Im binge watching DNA tests and I came across this video. You look like you have blood from Lebanon or something, might be the Iberian blood due to your complexion. Funny thing is my Mexican side also has family from Durango.

  20. You are drop dead gorgeous, a wonderful combination of ethnic diversity. The mixture that is you produced a beautiful human being.

  21. You're 100% of knock out DNA. WOW ! Nature is awesome and amazing

  22. Viva Mexico, beautiful country, i visited many times, but don't forget your beauty comes from this Greek/Italian 12%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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