I’m WHAT?! feat. My Mom (My Ancestry DNA Results!)

I’m WHAT?! feat. My Mom (My Ancestry DNA Results!)

I got an Ancestry DNA test for Christmas, and the results are in!

As far as I knew, I was Italian heritage through and through. There were rumors that I might have had French or even African heritage in my family, but now the rumors can finally be put to rest. In this video, I’ve invited my mom to view the results with me and give her take on our family’s history.

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  1. It is normal South Italy and the Sicily are mixed with the Middle Eastern historically .

  2. Yeah you need to get the parents done and your brother. Dad maybe a fight but hopefully he will give in.

  3. Afrikaans is not an african language it's European derived from Dutch…..

  4. The Caucasus isn’t Turkish. It’s most likely Armenian or Georgian since Turkish people came from central Asian. If you were Turkish you would’ve had central Asian dna.

  5. You link being genetically African with speaking Afrikaans?

  6. You look like any Western European, mostly French and German (Ashkenazi Jew). Your mother looks a little more Italian.

  7. By the way, your mother is sweet. She reminds me of a very nice Egyptian PhD student I once knew.

  8. I assumed you were Jewish. You look Jewish. You could be Jewish Italian. Your mother looks Greek, Palestinian, Saudi or even North Indian Punjabi or Sindhi. But definitely dominant Middle Eastern.

  9. Michel, you're sooooo cute!! So my first guess when I looked at you was that you were from Caucasus region… I was right!!! Hahaha

  10. You look like you'd be greek, Israeli maybe, something like that

    Edit: saw the results now, 67% italian/greek and 4% Jewish, so I'm quite happy with me guess

  11. I am Turkish my dna results are 92% westernasia ( asiaminor 80% West middle east 12%) 8% central Asia.
    To me you look like a Italo/greek Turko mix

  12. The original peoples of Australia are not Europeans
    They are Austrolids
    Stupid Bitch
    Your husbane does not have Australian

  13. which cities are ur parents from? i'm guessing the south

  14. Afrikaans is not a native African language it's the daughter language of Dutch a west Germanic language

  15. On the female side of the DNA segment the percentages can vary. When she had you. Her dna percentages given to your dad's are at varying percentages.The male side of the segment stays more intact,and consistent. So explains partly why the difference between siblings. If you tested your brother. He would be the same baseline mix. But will be higher or lower in some areas then you.maybe even throw something in you're not. Depending on what percentage she gave to him.

    It would be interesting to see her results, as she looks like she would have an interesting mix.

  16. Very cool! I also had Caucasus and Middle Eastern heritage from my Italian side!

  17. hahaha oman man, Oman !! xD. anyways, currently living there :D, bt besides frm european i rlly thought u were middle eastern cause u resemble sme features.

  18. Southern Italy sounds possible especially Sicily, but I guessed the possibility of a jewish ancestry. Some alpine or dinaric looking features is there. These are found especially in southern Italy and Syria and also Turkey. There is also maybe the possibility of the armenoid type there. As for the mother I thought of something east-mediterranean or jewish or even middle eastern. When it comes to Caucasus the racial diversity there is very big, so it therefore becomes almost meaningless to speak of one caucasid type, even though there is actually one type that is called that which is prevalent in Georgia and Ossetia and Tjerkessia etc. That is fearly close to something dinaric. The dinaric classic type is also common in Italy and Syria and Turkey. It can be traced back to this eastern Mediterranean area which also include Greece and Cyprus in this matter.

  19. OMG, I was thinking your mother looked Greek like a lot of people have told her and that you looked Armenian as showed up in your DNA test.

  20. A lot of people with olive skin and green eyes like Yor father actually may originate from Greek Islands. Lots of Greeks migrated to other European countries in XVII century, like my relatives from my father's side, and later on either settled or moved around Europe. As for Your own genetics, genes tend to mix/repeat every 3 generations, so I wouldn't look at the genes of Your mother or father but rather at Your grandparents or great grandparents, since Your fenotype is likely to resemeble theit fenotype or their siblings fenotype (if they had any). I for example resemble a sister of my great grandmother from my father's side.

  21. You're right your brother looks like turkish men because if you didn't know majority of Turkish people are Greek who has a little bit Asian ancestors

  22. Your mom resembles a lot of the people on my mom's side of the family, who are Calabrese/Sicilian-Italian… but they're pretty brown even for Southern Italians. lol
    My guess is they have a similar background as her, which is where I'm guessing where part of the South Asian is coming from. I'd say it's probably more so on her side than your dads, just by looking at her.

  23. Cool video. Loved ur mom's humor!
    But bear in mind those numbers are just estimates, they don't actually show exactly what ur ascendecy is, however "accurate" the companies claim those tests to be. It all depends on the algorithms they use and the references they have in their databases.
    3 of my mom's grandparents are of Portuguese origins, nevertheless, the DNA test we took shows that she only has 7% Iberian genes! which is a lot strange because I am also a genealogist and my family tree goes all the way down to 1562 and there's no other European that's not Portuguese! Nonetheless, mom has a high percentage of West-Central European, Scandinavian and British islands… My result is pretty much similar to my mother's, but not less confusing for a genealogist.
    If you upload ur raw material to Gedmatch.com or dna.land or myheritage.com, you're gonna see that the continents of reference will remain the same (pretty much), but the places and percentages will vary drastically.

  24. You don't know how to read the results. This doesn't mean you have middle eastern ancestors, it means that you share DNA with people who live in those areas, which makes sense because Italy is right in the center of the Mediterranean basin. Neighboring populations share DNA, the more contact, the more DNA they share. So yes, Italians share lots of DNA with with populations from West Asia and Europe. That doesn't mean your ancestors are from West Asia or the Middle East or anywhere else. These DNA test services are a sham that rely on people who have a poor understanding of how that work.

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