I’m WHAT? Ancestry DNA Test Results!

I’m WHAT? Ancestry DNA Test Results!

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  1. Sister just when I se your hair I new you hat some African in you cool

  2. Nice family! Enjoyed the video! Thanks for posting! I'm wondering if females taking dna tests get anything from their father's side through autosomal testing? Because Women only inherit and pass down their mother's side to their children (Mitochondrial DNA) whereas Males inherit from both parents but only pass down the Y DNA. That's how I understand it anyway. However there's supposed to be a way that Austosomal dna can pick up more stuff than Y or Mitochondrial (x?) but I'm not sure how autosomal dna works … yet. Thanks again for posting this video.

  3. Less than one still means some, it's their just not full 1 percent.

  4. I did my son last year. He is 60% European: 38% Spanish/Portuguese. 17% Italian/Greek. 5% East Europe. ——21% Native American.——10% Middle Eastern.——–6% Sephardic Jewish (Jewish from Iberian Peninsula: Spain/Portugal)——Less than 2% North Africa, Northeast Asia, and Siberia.

  5. for the iberian peninsula part. The Spanish and Irish come from the same indigenous people who are the Celts. The Bretons were also 1 of 6 Celtic nations. They warred with the the Romans I believe.

  6. Mexican food does not come from the Iberian Peninsula….lol

  7. It´s funny that all the couple dna videos I saw, the couples have similar ethnicity mixtures like their significant other. It´s like they unconsciously pick someone from their familiar group…

  8. omg your son is so cute! I love your family. I love the name Aidan!

  9. The north african is from the black moorish colonialist history of southern europe. Very interesting

  10. LMFAO I cannot deal with him "I'm from Florida, so I know some Spanish is that why I love mexican food?!?"

  11. I would recommend taking the test from 23&me. Ancestry has a hard time distinguishing Italic/Greek from Iberian. There are people of Iberian descent who took Ancestry and got majority Italian but when they took the same test from 23&me they received little to no Italian and got high percentages of Iberian. Ancestry isn't great with differentiating Iberian from Italic.

  12. DNA and genetic tests are interesting, because it's completely individual. If your brother took the test he wouldn't have the same percentages as you, and could be more French etc. Same with Aiden, he can have completely different levels of genetics than you and Stephen. We're all just a big mish mash of genes and it's super interesting 🙂 I'd love to take one and see how much Finnish I have in me, because I've always been mistaken for Finnish even though I have way more Swedish blood. As far as I know I only have blood relatives in Sweden and Finland and it would be fun to see what else I might carry in me. I'm curious what your Scandinavian genes are, like what country they came from etc 😀

  13. How do u take these tests? I'd love to discover more about my heritage..I do know I'm definitely Italian and German, but always wondered what else.

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