I’m what?!-Ancestry DNA Results

I’m what?!-Ancestry DNA Results

Welcome back to my channel! Todays video is about my Ancestry DNA results! I really hope you enjoy this video!
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  1. It is always Interesting to see a small amount of Asian or African in people who are European and obviously white to the eye, you have both which makes your DNA very Interesting especially as you look like a Vanilla milk shake.
    Thank you for sharing your result with us.

  2. Why’s everyone so surprised to be 2 or 3 percent subsaharan African I thought all people were

  3. This was so fascinating seeing how your expectations aren't always what it truly turned out to be…you see unlike me since I'm adopted I don't know anything about my heritage so my DNA results came as a total surprise but it's interesting seeing it from the perspective of someone like you!

  4. África and America and Iberian Peninsula make your bikini fits great! Don't complain!

  5. Why is the intro music on all these vids so LOUD!

  6. Ancestry DNA doesn't want to tell you that you are 100% European so they throw in those "Low Confidence" regions which actually say "You may have between 0% – 6% South Asian" etc. They always throw in a little "Ashkenazi Jewish" because they are owned by the same people who bring you the "Hitler Channel" aka "History Channel". You know, those classics such as "Hitler and the UFO Nazi Stormtroopers" and "Hitler the Meth Head" and "Hitler and Godzilla vs The KGB" etc. If every European goy thinks that they are part African and part Ashkenazi Jewish then what point in preserving European heritage, right?……
    23 & Me will give you different results, guaranteed.

  7. yea, nice to be able to see your computer screen and get to know how it is shown.

  8. So far the common features of people lacking African DNA are light colored eyes and pink to fair skin color. For example I have no African DNA.
    Turns out we're not all descendant from "Lucy". People lacking African DNA are coming up descendants of Neanderthals.
    Just as there exists different species of animals example bears, there are different species of humans. I believe the field of DNA research will prove Darwin's theory wrong. The remains of a "missing link" is not found because it doesn't exist. Man has always been man. Animal has always been animal.
    I'm open to a polite exchange of views and constructive conversation.

  9. Great video I am waiting for processing to finish and your video is the best I've watched because of the way you did the walk through beginning to end.

  10. The sing-song cadence of your speech is really annoying.

  11. Thank you for the video, very interesting results and I hope your quest gives you the answers you desire.

  12. Great Video. I wish Ancestry would have a DNA Challenge on Social Media to Raise money for the victims of, " Hurricane Harvey".

  13. Very cool results! Thanks for sharing your results.

  14. Very interesting results. Have you ever researched your genealogy?

  15. Cool results. Your Native American is likely Mayan. Awesome!

  16. DNA Test are big Money machine Joke…. Scandinavians British people decent from Middle-East and asia 300-700 AD,  They are Tribe of DAN jews… if u have British scadinavian DNA that mean you are Jewish

  17. The african & native came from your Panamanian grandmother lol

  18. The Native American and Central Asian clusters are frequently paired together by AncestryDNA, for example Mexican Mestizos sometimes show that combination. I believe your Central Asian score actually comes from your Amerindian ancestors from the Panama region. This could be confirmed for sure by the free deep-ancestry test called Eurogenes K36 at GEDmatch dot com, if you score 0 percent in East Central Asian in their test, as well as 0 percent South Central Asian and East Asian, and close to 0 percent Siberian, but if most of it goes into the Amerindian category.

    Similarly, Caucasus is often paired with European DNA, due to ancient Neolithic migrations of farmers from the northern Middle East into southeastern Europe and beyond. If your Armenian, Near Eastern, and East Mediterranean scores are let's say 0 percent in Eurogenes K36 then it's not from an actual genealogical-time ancestor from that region in your case.

    GEDmatch is compatible with your AncestryDNA kit.

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