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  1. Palestinian is not a full nationality but still for people who consider themselves palestinians its not a race or ethnicity.

  2. Koussa is not eggplant its zucchini

  3. There is no Palestinian DNA. Palestinians are Jews who have converted to Islam by the sword, or came from Arabia.

  4. You look Assyrian, where Are you from. How Come you look Like a Assyrian 😀

  5. You show a lot of skin for an Arab.

  6. Judging by that nose I’d say your %100 Arab!!

  7. you are not Palestinian because the Palestine didn't exist it's just a region of the middle eat and after the roman empire change the name of Israel to Palestine , and i'm pretty sur youre family not come from Palestine but some other country around …..

  8. You have a Syrian blood in you, and some traces from other races, because there's no such thing as "Palestinian"!!!! Palestinian is NOT a race, and cannot be traced in any DNA or blood test!!!! The Palestinians of today are just Arabs who migrated to the land where they are today from places like Syria, Egypt and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. You are most definitely Syrian if that's what your uncle found out by scientific DNA test!

  9. Your last name is persian شاهين
    And Iran is far far from the Jewish land

  10. Wtf is palestine? Its like narnia or what

  11. It’s so sad that you cannot speak the language, I don’t understand WHY the Arabs when their kids grow up in a foreign country they only speak that country language and forget their language. Which I think that shouldn’t be an excuse for them not learn it or their families not teachinv their kids more arabic . For example both of your parents come from over there. I promise you I met hundreds of Americans Jews that lived here for hundreds of years and when they ask me where r I am from ? And answer Jerusalem they start talking to me in Hebrew, assuming That I am Jewish then I have to stop them because I am not. And here you are every year or so you go to Palestine and grow up in a native arabic speaking family and relative and you cannot put a sentence to gather. This is so disgraceful ( Finally, sorry I took you as an example but I want to send a msg to the Arab families maybe they can start concentrating more in teaching their kids more arabic). Oh I forgot something it’s not attractive what so ever when someone originally Arab speaks ENGLISH or or in English to another Arab. I think it’s better to start making videos about “ KIKI DO YOU LOVE ME “ ???

  12. both my grandfathers are Palestinian but one of my grandmother's is half Italian and half German and my other grandmother is half aboriginal and half Cherokee

  13. Hey, so I'm Palestinian too and I was wanting to take a DNA test too but just so you know.. Palestinians aren't just made up of one thing like such other nationalities. We're made up of many different things. Some Palestinians could have greek, Egyptian, Roman… Etc. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying… But yeah lol. So that's probably where the Greek comes from for you, and some of the other stuff too.

  14. Is it true that some Mexicans have Middle eastern DNA??

  15. My husband is from Beit Foreek… I probably destroyed the spelling lol. Anyway, according to my own Ancestry DNA… I'm just about all European, and I grew up with the cookie box sewing kit as well. =-D

  16. I’m Sicilian, I’ve noticed Pals look the same, and eat the same foods as my people and have other cultural similarities and must be fairly closely related.

  17. Arab isn't a race
    You don't call latin Americans Spanish because they speak Spanish

  18. Arab is cultural not ethincal look how the arabs from arabia treat the arab speaker like iraq Syria Palestine …etc fuck the arabs

  19. You are American as well since you were born and raised there and an American citizen … why don't you acknowledge that ?

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