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  1. Seems as though you were hoping to be less black on the cool. Your caption says mixed like as if you are considered biracial. To really be considered biracial you need to be half and half and you are 80% black so therefore you are not biracial and you seem disappointed.

  2. You have the face that little Kim was was going for… But she didn't quite get it right.

  3. Being in the 70s percentage wise is average for most Black people. 80 is above average and the 90s is way above average. If you want to see if there has been any Native American ancestry in your family your probably going to have to check one your grandparents. People have to keep in mind it's less and less with each successive generation if there was any to begin with.

    Caucasus is just White. It's where the term Caucasian comes from. The Iberian and Jewish probably comes from the Atlantic Slave Trade since it's so low. Back in the day in Spain a lot of Jewish people in Spain converted to Catholicism called Conversos to avoid being expelled for being Jewish. And lot of the Transatlantic Slave Trade was controlled by the Spanish and Portuguese.

  4. Why do we want to be associated with a people who are mutations, pink, who age horribly and who don’t even like us? Lol we know you have white and other ethnicities because you are over here. Plus we do have native blood were so intermingled the native blood is either washed out or they are not giving us the info. Remember this is for entertainment. Omg you are the typical black lol.

  5. I was hoping you are part Asian ? I am East Indian and i felt your features are very symmetric, very delicate, and your personality had dignity: attributes that we value very highly here! Great video, thanks.

  6. These tests only go back 10-15 generations…or about 150 years. You could be many other things…as people are all from one set of parents.

  7. You're AFRICAN American sis. The African diaspora is vast. The colonizers were busy. Don't sweat it. Wakanda4Ever!

  8. You are very beautiful.doesnt matter what you are mixed with im muti racial myself nobodys a 100%nothing we are all designer made by God.your make up is lovely.Pam Johnson.

  9. You are black but you might not have a lot of slave history or none at all … maybe no one in your family is a slave at all

  10. This is DNA it has nothing to do with being Black… Black is the cultural group you identify with… Your DNA is who you are not what you look like…

  11. All I see is a black girl.. that 22% don’t mean much.. it’s typical for not just African Americans but Africans in the Americas (north, central/Caribbean and South America)

  12. Okay Little sister, welcome, be proud of where you from, be proud of your heritage, that makes you who you are

  13. 78% black is an overwhelming majority I wouldn't even consider you mixed hun , 78% is black to me , you act like your results said 50% non-black you were only two points off from what you wanted it to be , I would never ask what you were mixed with I would just assume all black no mixture . You look black not significantly mixed at all .

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