I”m Middle Eastern?? SHOCKING Ancestry DNA Results

I”m Middle Eastern?? SHOCKING  Ancestry DNA Results

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  1. There's nothing called middle East the territory is called North East Africa the canal that divide Africa maps is man made canal by the British government the hand picked kings were white Arabs who robbed and enslaved our people till today the wealth they are enjoying today are our blesses from God, that territories are all Alkenbulan or African including Israel Don t let anyone fool you.

  2. Your reminded me of one of my daughters and she say things that just makes you laugh. "White people end up in everything was funny". LOL

  3. You even didn’t mention the name of the company that you took the text with. It’s more important to know where couzzzzzzzzzin are coming from so we can say “Hi Couzzzzzzzin )

  4. Hi my middle eastern couzzzzzzin ??? KIKI

  5. I got 41% Africa SouthEastern Bantu, 38% Nigerian, 5% Mali, 3% European Jewish, 2% Great Britain, 1% Caucasus, 1% North African, <1% Europe West, and <1% Melanesia

  6. You are so hype in this video! ???

  7. lol> girl, it's just 1%,
    1% does not make you a Middle Eastern,
    you have 4% European, does this men that you European?? > Of course not.

  8. Get ready to be disappointed on your landing

  9. "White people somehow end up in everything."

    Yes, we're everywhere.

    (Hears this girl has more than 5 percent European in her) AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Girl your face is snatched ! That long hair compliments your your face shape I love it !

  11. People who show high in benin togo (as i also did) are predominantly of yoruba ancestry. Yorubans oral tradition says they (we) use to live in saudi arabia but the rise of islam after the year 800 a.c.e forced them to migrate across north africa which eventually caused them to move south into west africa since the muslims began taking over north africa. By the tine of the mali empire they were well established in west africa. The hausa people have a similar oral story hut they originated in egypt. Anyways what im trying to say is there are many west africans mixed with middle eastern or arab admixture. The fulani people are the biggest example of this

  12. I’ll be posting my results soon, on my channel! Be sure to sub ? Sidenote: You’re GORG! ❤️✌?❤️

  13. Mine was similar I got Cameroon, Ghana, benin, togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal, I was 90% African 10% white I was surprised I didn’t get any Nigerian since most African Americans have Nigerian in them I was 5% Scandinavian that’s “slave blood” 3% Irish more “slave blood” and I was mostly Cameroonian at 36%

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