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Hope you enjoyed the video! Sorry the exposure was so INTENSE, the lighting was terrible outside and my settings were off. As a side note – this was all FIRST IMPRESSION/REACTIONS I am NOT ashamed of being European, I went in knowing I was European. The dissatisfaction from the reaction was that I was expecting/hoping to have a surprise in my results. Clearly looking at my features and hair/eye color I knew I would be majority European. A lot of you aren’t aware that my dad passed away when I was younger and I don’t know much at all about his side of the family. I was wanting to find a half-sibling (although I knew I probably wouldn’t find one), and also my grandma (also deceased) was a lot darker in skin color than any of us so I was thinking I would get a different result because of her. For all of you in the comments, I don’t hate white people. I just was disappointed in paying so much money to find out what I already knew. The end. Love you all, be happy with who you are, and I’m sorry if this triggered any negative emotions for you. Love you much, goodbye.

Ps. This was NOT sponsored, I paid for these on my own. Wish it were 😛 lol

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