IM FROM WHERE !? | Ancestry DNA Results | HeyParis

IM FROM WHERE !?  | Ancestry DNA Results | HeyParis





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  1. The Epicanthic fold of the eyes is found in Africans and some Europeans.

    Look up Khoisan and epicanthic fold.

    But being more than 90% African is way above average for African Americans. Most are in the 70s.

  2. As you are 93 percent African, you are not half African and half European. You are almost 100 percent African.

  3. you are JAMAICAN and us Jamaicans come from London, as the UK once owned the island Jamaica, until Jamaica earned its independence in the 1960s (technically speaking)

  4. Nigerian sista ?? I’M TOTALLY KIDDING ?

  5. I guess your grand parents just have chinki eyes like me

  6. IVORY COAST GHANA is my country !!!!!!! ????????????

  7. 2% Finnish? Haha, that’s cool! I mean, I’m literally your biggest fan ever and I come from Finland. Lmao, I know the percentage ain’t much but that made me love you even more, lol. ?

  8. IVORY COASTTTTTTT!!!!! Come thruuuuuuu??????

  9. I was so hyped to try this out and then I saw it was $130 canadian dollars AHA bye, i'm too poor for that XDD

  10. we have close to the same dna background! even Iberian peninsula. but i have alot of irish also tho.

  11. Gurl ur a lrage percent african,like u should come and vaca it sometimes like its actually lit and rlly nice,Come home and see all those percentage places lol.Especially Cameroon since like i live her and it gon be a dream come true to see u especailly since i love u and ur my roll model.But u know its ur choice Paris

  12. This is kind of weird. East-European, Finn and Russian genes cant be from slave owners.

  13. Black folk like to be mixed …white folk on the other hand act disappointed when they find out they have African DNA in em

  14. One of the highest percentage of African ancestries there. 1/3 of you European ancestries are Finns (that Northwest Russia are actually folks strongly related to Finno-Ugric like Ingrians and Karelians). I'll bet your Finnish ancestry is likely coming from early colonial era Delaware branch. Someone who was half Finn half Portuguese.

  15. I really wanna do one of these tests and make a video ! I know I'm half filipino and half white but my "white" half….is probably like every european country lol

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