1. I have always been suspicious of DNA testing especially when Dr. Oz promotes it or anything. Be careful. No one needs your DNA

  2. Get this, my health insurance is going up in 2019. But if i get a Physical from my Doctor and send the result or info to a place in PA to Wellnessworks i will get a discount.???

  3. There's coming a time of a 3rd STRAND OF DNA added into humanities double HELIX strand to change people INTO A PART MAN PART BEAST. DNA is the PRIME TARGET of Satan to ABOMINATE the TEMPLE (our bodies) to attack and change the IMAGE OF GOD we are made in.

  4. Not just people who were going into jail were finger printed.. but I don't know how long fingerprinting has been going on in the military..
    but I was finger printed when I joined the military back in 2005

  5. Now they have out at doctor's offices, a test that tells your doctor, what medicines work the best with you and the one's who do not… hmmmm….STRANGE!

  6. Heaven and Earth world without in someone's erasing me as soon as I put them in but that's okay it's in any way I won't do you any good keep trying motherfuckers God is in control I'm here to prove it I guess

  7. I ordained under grace but no inconvenience to anyone k n o w absent from the body present with the Lord in this country no matter who you served you're all purchased at a price at the cross 2000 20 years ago just about absent from the body present with the Lord go to sleep little children lullaby and good day good night rest well when you wake up when you are awakened to wake up not until then in Jesus name as ordained praise God Almighty amen

  8. What would Yeshua say about a dollar bill in the shape of a cross? More occult symbols on that talisman than any other I've seen. He would turn that table right over. Love your channel though.

  9. Maybe that’s how they are targeting all the targeted individuals with the dna banks….wow, this is insanity

  10. My ztep mom did this through 23&mee and they kept saying it was lost or the test was screwed up or something and she had to send it like 3 or 4 times, they kept giving her excuses and making her resubmit the dna test. Crazy…makes u wonder whats really going on that they wanted it over and over again.

  11. On the screening paper their is a place for the parent to say what they can do with it. I know I did PKU. It so sad that parents are so trusting or don't care and don't read the fine print!!

  12. Curious why this was aired sooo late in May of 2018 because she makes reference to possibly storing DNA again in 2014?

  13. Am I the only one who thought that it was weird when she said the state Indiana is hold 666 bankers boxes full of these blood spots??

  14. The reason why they're selling hispanic and black children's DNA is because those children are Jewish and more likely Levites. It's like in nazi Germany there were actually trying to extinguish the Levite tribe. Make a super soldier troop of them.

  15. I can tell you exactly why they're doing this but nobody ever listens to me or believes me. They're doing this in search of the 144000 end time minister children. There is a Jewish drive that I have actually stopped listening to these people because of it. I don't really listen to Sid Roth anymore and Jonathan Bernis. I'll tell you who I think is an enemy against the gentiles is Joel Richardson. And also Joe Richardson has teamed up with Jonathan Bernis what a shame.
    What is these 3 men believe are that the minister children will be full on Jews born and raised in Israel and raised in a home where they have gone to synagogue and study in the tamauled. They make it clear that if you find out you're Jewish and you are like half Gentile Christian no way is your child part of the 144000. I find this laughable And racist.

  16. I volunteered with a non profit … one of the programs they offered was for newborns thru 5 yrs old that our agency administered, basically gave the info to parents at the hospital from another agency. That said, as an "and or 3rd party" I was looking at what was stated as "confidential" info parents had NO idea some volunteer had their eyeballs on. Even allowed to take it home. Nothing major like SS numbers, basic info, name, address, occupation, income, blah, blah. My point, NO such thing as confidential, never was, never will be. Don't care where you go, there will always be an and or 3rd party and their affiliates.
    Looked up the DNA in my State, indefinitely. Big hoopla about that years ago, I was shocked at how many people thought it was for their benefit or assumed nothing creepy would happen to their kids DNA.

  17. I was told, by a very knowledgable person, to throw my Ancestry DNA kit (which I paid $100 for) in the trash IMMEDIATELY. He said they send it to the government and especially want to know who has rare Rh negative blood. You must know that there is a complicated connection between Rh neg people and Reptilians. Some people will call this a conspiracy but for the people who are "awake" know this is a fact.

  18. There was a case in the US sometime ago that a perpetrator was found because a relative of his had submitted their DNA to 23&Me for sequestering. The DNA from 23&Me was submitted to one of the alphabet agencies, I think the NBA, so the government is receiving DNA from 23&Me

  19. One more question – When the LDS [The Mormon] Church started testing people's DNA to find Genetic Lines were they Covertly Looking for Pure Bloodlines Traced Back To Adam & Eve To Produce These Genetic Traits To Compose Super Soldiers or God Like Humans – As In The TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA! IN OTHER WORDS – ARE THEY TRYING TO PLAY GOD?!?! To Avoid Death As We Know It On Earth??? Very Curious…

  20. We Really Need To Do A Follow-Up On This, & Perhaps, Josh, You Can Have An Attorney On Your Show Really Explaining Why Our Rights Are Stripped Away As Parents!!! Why This Is Happening….. And, Who's' The Brilliant Minds Behind The Take-Over?
    Please ~~~~~~ We Have The Power To Say "No" – DON'T WE?!?!

  21. I think biologicLweapons are being created to target certain people, a weapon that targets you based on your DNA…

  22. The afterbirth contains stem cells that they also keep and do tests with.

  23. All soldiers are required to give a dna sample. This is used to kick out dishonorably soldiers who are predisposition to diseases.

  24. My husband and I have been laughed at and mocked when we told people we didn’t trust the DNA testing. We refused. They are selling people’s DNA from 23 you and me and ancestry and all the others.

  25. …so why do we even need a cencus? Tracking bloodlines and blood types. Ancestry dot com amongst other means are used for tracking the older people who did not get this done when born.

  26. Another technological breakthrough is that now they can create a 3D projection of the human being to which the DNA belongs, at any age! Not only that, there is another tech breakthrough, supposedly taken from consensual exchange of alien technology, and now being reverse engineers. This tech REGROWS Human limbs lost to war or accident, and can actually reverse aging, as they tell it, from an 80 year old to a 30 year old. Lots of heavy duty things unparalleled in the history of this planet.

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