I found my biological father through ancestry DNA

I found my biological father through ancestry DNA

I wasn’t sure if I was going to film this but it is such an important shift in my life that I had to share. I recently found my biological father through ancestry DNA. It took a lot of research to narrow my search down from an aunt listed as a relative but I found who he is. It was a little disappointing to find out the truth but the silver lining is I also have a BROTHER! Which is amazing I plan to meet him and hopefully continue to have a relationship. Thank you so much for following my families journey.

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  1. Your mom died so young I'm so sorry. I hope you have other family/husband to support you. ❤

  2. I’m trying to find my father as well he was Latino and yeah

  3. I’m adopted and I found my birth mother recently and it was the same situation just like your mom . She was young and partying and doesn’t know who he is at all. I’m thinking about doing what you did but I’m really scared???

  4. i never did know who my real father. what if a parent has passed on? could Ancestry .com still help with finding out who my biological father is ? my mother won't tell me who my father was . i was put into the foster home system so i had very little information about family members. i actually through the years i got more information on people i was related to then in 2013. i did up a family tree with Ancestry.com. that's all nothing else .

  5. I literally just found my bio dad thru dna ancestry as well. Thank you for sharing your story. It's so surreal to be going thru this. I'm so happy you had an amazing mother!

  6. I'm sure you've heard this many times but you have beautiful eyes.?

  7. I should feel lucky that no one has contacted me back. Even though, it still hurts. I'm so happy that you had your birth Mother in your life she did a great job caring for you.

  8. Thank you for sharing! I don’t know my birth father either and I hope I find him, I just don’t know how :’)
    lots of love ❤️

  9. my daughter grew up without her father she knew though who her dad was but never had him in her life. he has many other kids after her. you seem like an amazingly beautiful young lady. sometimes its best not to have hom in your life. good luck getting to meet your brother. im sorry for tge loss of your mom. Hang in there thank you for sharing your story

  10. my biofather has been horrible to me since meeting him 2yrs ago

  11. Sounds very serious. Would be dark to have hope and finding out the person is toxic. He must be quite a monster to stay away…I can make educated guesses but in the end, self preservation comes first and hopefully you get healthy connections with your new greater family.

  12. I don't know who my biological dad and my mum doesn't want to tell me. I asked once when I was 17 and she said it's none of my business. My older sister is also in the same boat and said she doesn't want to know. I trust that my mum is doing the best for me and my step dad who I call my dad has been there for us since I was 2 . My dad has mentioned in the past that my mum was a tear away when she was younger so I may have the same back story as you and she doesn't have a clue but to have 2 of us that don't know or even know if we have the same dad is just bad. I want to know the truth but I don't want to tear the family apart. Just want to know the story

  13. We all seem to make mistakes growing up, but thank God that You found Your dad, God bless You and Your family.

  14. You are beautiful young lady. I appreciate your story. I want to research.

  15. You only care about you? Even though your father is the devil itself, he still has the right to know he has a daughter.
    So don't think only in you.

  16. Trying to find my real father. I think his name is Woody Ferguson in his early 70s. And I believe he from Tennessee U.S.A. His first name Woody could be a nick name I do not know. I’m currently disabled and can’t work so I can’t afford to pay to find him but if somebody knows him I would appreciate a shout out.

  17. Do you regret knowing about your bio father? I mean i get that it is great to meet your brother but maybe that was possible without knowing what/who your father is….Also, in what way is he a bad man?

    Take care!

  18. i hope it will be a good meeting with your brother . just sad abt what you find out abt your dad

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have never met my father either and I have been researching on Ancestry and 23andme for the last few months in hopes to at least know who he is. This video definitely gives me some hope that it is possible❤️

  20. I'm old school and don't do videos, but I, too, found out who my real dad is via ancestry.com DNA. I was fifty years old, so, of coarse I never thought it would happen. I spoke with him, he was kind, and we haven't spoken again. I'm OK with that. The peace this knowledge brought it beyond words. I didn't know I needed to know until I knew.

  21. I found my bio father New Years of 2000. We had a very rough time. I’m glad I met him, but the “I don’t want to deal with you anymore” letter he put in my birthday card in 2015, was it. I have no regrets except for the fact, I wish we could have had a real relationship. Good luck….and please protect yourself.

  22. I'm really happy for you! I just recently posted my adoption story for the first time on my YT channel. Based on the overwhelming feedback I've now started the process to make a full-length documentary. Would love to chat some time about your experience if you have interest. Let me know, my contact info is on my YT page.

  23. Just be careful. I remember doing research on my "dad" he wasn't a very nice guy. I never got to know him 1on 1 cause he died when I was like 2. An I thought this other bad one was my dad cause I had his last name. An a couple years ago I was like I need to know what this other guy looks like…. all I ever hear is bad things…. but I finally got in contact with his cousins my [2nd cousins] an they actually sent me a picture of him. I have no other siblings by him which actually sucks cause I always wanted a brother ? but I have an uncle who is "bad" but he's nice to me. He sent me kid pictures of my "dad" an told me things about him. He doesn't seem like he was like completely terrible as the other guy. His family is crazy though ? I was going to call my "dads" dad but the day I called I found out he just died! An I got screamed at by his sister ? an I'm just like I'm not my mother your lucky we ain't face to face ? [she was horrible to my mom when she met her my was like 15 at the time an she slapped her for no reason ] so just becareful!

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