1. Keep up the good work. It took me 35+ years to find my biological father.

  2. Three years ago I donated my dna to 23 and me to figure out why I was so sick with a autoimmune disease. This past February I was contracted by my first cousins son who I did not know because I grew up all my life thinking my father was one man and he was not. My mom had a affair in between my older sister and my brother and never told me. She was dying of Pancreatic cancer at the time but I had to find out the truth. I am someone else's child. I have 4 other sibling who have no idea I exist 3 in my hometown where my mom and dad moved me away from when I was very young and 1 who lives on the other side of the country. Yes I have found them all. My biological father has been gone since 2009 and my mom died 10 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. Heart Broken

  3. Still looking for mine, haven't done Ancestry.com but have postings on 23andme and myheritage and Gedmatch…so far the closest i have is first cousin once removed but no joy with narrowing down even the specific branch of the family that I came from

  4. hello, i am adopted and i am waiting for my results from ansestory! i am nervous and excited at the same time, i have the story of what happened to me, but no other names or anything!

  5. Sadly im not of age to get one yet but my grandma met an American soldier in vietnam during the war and out came my dad. My dad acts like he doesn’t care but i know that he is just afraid of not being accepted. It’s kind of sad but my grandma had my uncle after my dad but we don’t know if they have the same fathers. It’s kind of difficult to deal with an identity crisis. My uncle just bought a kit. Best wishes to those who are looking for their family.

  6. I Banged many chicks out through the 80s and 90s i found out that I have four kids out there and I never knew about them they never told me about ain't that some crazy shit

  7. That was an amazing story, I’m a bit older then you and I found out my father, or who I believed to be my father was not my biological father after my mother had died. Unfortunately she didn’t tell me, I always had a feeling about my dad because I never felt that father/daughter connection. I just received my DNA kit today and am excited, nervous and scared at the same time. I only hope I have the luck you did with your results. I know this video was from awhile back so I do hope all has worked out for you! Thanks for the video!


  9. So you didnt know anything about him name age where he was from or anything like that until after yo did the test? Only reason I ask is because I want to find my real father I need to meet him and talk to him and just get to know the man who helped bring me in to this world. I want to introduce him to my beautiful wife and my 2 amazingly beautiful children of my own but I literally know nothing not even a name about my birth father and I have no idea on how to start looking.

  10. Congratulations on finding all of this out. I am currently going through the same thing. Paternity test results are due back tomorrow!

  11. I've never met my father. I have no idea if he even knows about me. The only things I have found out about him are his first and last name (which is a fairly common name) and that he was from western Iowa. (My mom was there for a conference when she got pregnant with me.) I moved to Omaha, NE a couple years ago and I can't help but wonder if my father still lives nearby. If so, he's only a 15 minute drive away.
    Anyway, I finally ordered an Ancestry DNA kit and I will be mailing it in the morning. I'm not sure I'll find anything out, but it would be nice if I did.
    Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

    Got my results yesterday. My bio father actually took the test as well. I knew there was a possibility of that, but I honestly just thought I'd find some aunts/uncles/cousins and not actually him. Again, I don't know if he knows about me, so I'm not really sure how to proceed at this time. ?

  12. Did you get DNA match to your half-brother? Going to be able to get it from the bio-father? You need them to verify your links.

  13. I logged into my ancestry DNA account after receiving the email my results were in . The first person on my DNA list said this is your Father. Funny thing is about 10 years I ran into to a young man at a restaurant in downtown Austin,Tx. That said I looked exactly like his Father and I kinda laughed and said well maybe we are brothers. I have never met my Father or My Mother for that matter. I know who she is but that's about it. Turned out his was my Brother and I have 2 more. From my Father's side. Unfortunately so attempts to communicate with any of them has been met with silence. UPDATE: my biological mother passed away in 1995 about a year and a half after I found her. I spoke with her several times but was unable to meet her she turned really mean just before she died and told me I wasn't her son. I finally got in touch with my Father. And he said he would like to meet.

  14. You and your half brother look so similar. I thought it was just a younger picture of you!! Congrats on the new information!! ?

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