1. This is a response to a comment regarding me mentioning being "Puerto Rican". I felt that with all of the comments being made about it, my thoughts on it should be pinned.

    Thank you all again for all of your kind words.

    " icilmaa yes actually I do.
    But tell that to John and Sally when they ask what I'm mixed with. People don't want to know my genetic make-up down to specifics. They really just want an answer so they can go on about their day. And guess what – I'm quite positive they will accept it
    I realize that PuertoRican is not a race/ ethnicity. To me it's a culture and a nationality – one I don't identify with. So, I don't feel comfortable mentioning "Puerto Rican" at all and I don't. "

  2. Put genetics aside for a moment – you are simply a classic, gracious beautiful woman. Period.

  3. Doesn't Ancestry say that a person is your parent if they have their DNA?

  4. You are a Strong woman, But just because one family member says NO he did not do that.. don't discount All the family. The Aunt hopefully one day she comes around and realizes what her brother has done. i hope the rest of the family knows what he is at least and acknowledge what he done.
    I guess i am diffrent then most people.. For me I would want to get to know any child who is realated to me by blood. i guess i could understand if the Woman would not want to have anything to do with the rapist family, but one would hope she understands that not everyone in the family would be like the rapist. and an extended family grandmother otehr aunts uncles cousins. and a family history
    My Grandmother(father side) was a product of rape. kinda hard to find his relatives no really knowledge of him, Dad said, excommunicated, Swede priest from New westminster, bc. swanson? haveing way with /raping women when the Men are gone, Grandmother born in 1919.
    So kind of hard to find out any info on this person. looked for statistics for him of course nothing.

  5. my bio dad is a loser but I am here and God loves me. God loves you so that is all that matters and is eternal. Let the loser man go like i did and maybe u can meet him on the other side when we all die and go to Heaven

  6. Your mother must be proud to have such a well put together daughter. You don’t allow your father’s history and horrible deed bring your self esteem down. You have such great vibes and that strong African spirit that some of us possess. You look very East African but also African and Native American. Either way you are beautiful. You’re so fortunate because many in your situation don’t know anything and are bitter and allow the bitterness to control their lives. My God continue to bless you.

  7. Damn, if I wasn't married I will be knocking on ur doors u are so beautiful but u have lean a big lesson from some crips about the human beings u have to make some corrections in ur life don't let anyone catch u sleeping.

  8. I can relate to some extent, my dad was very violent to my mom when they were together (not long) and the more manly I became the more she saw him in me and I would sense that as rejection she could not totally control, which is completely understandable. Hug!

  9. Go to the police and report him for rape. If the statute of limitations hasn't arrived, you might be able to get him convicted for raping your mother. That will get him locked up again and off the streets so that he can't rape someone else. However, it's probable that the statute of limitations has passed.

  10. Incredible story. On Ancestry, I was surprised to see all of the Puerto Ricans I was related to. They also had African DNA. I asked some, how we were related and we could not figure it out. Then i had my mother take the DNA test and she showed 2% Iberian so I thought that must be it until I did a match with my mother and they were not. So, they were on my father's side. I do not show Iberian on my test. However, I used the RAW data on several Free sites such as DNA.Land, MyHeritage, Wegene that showed my as high as 13% Iberian. looks like they used my North African DNA from Ancestry and moved that up north.

  11. U are soo beautiful I see the Italian in u.., eyes lips and nose

  12. 🙁

    My mum was raped by more than one person most of her childhood. Although my Dad didn't rape her, my cousin and I were able to work out who one of the purpetrators were.

  13. You as a woman have XX chromosome. men have XY. you only can find your mother's DNA results through you. to find your father's I do believe you have to go through a male in your family. If you had a son you can find out through him

  14. Just saying, I do believe you can get medical benefits by being that much Native American. possibly check with the Bureau of Indian Affairs near you.

  15. Congratulations on your closure. Thank you for posting the raw side of life that so many folks are not willing to divulge.

  16. She said it was between 2 people, DNA USUALLY tells you this person is father !! It would say ( matched) .so she cannot say its between this guy or that !! Was the police called !!

    Claiming to look like him outside of the justice system, innocent until proven guilty!! What happened is very bad , its sick , however, this needed to be sorted out before video being posted , again, you said you narrowed it down to 2 persons, for DNA to link u to 2 people as possible father ,it sounds incorrect, it will tell you specifically that only one person is labeled as father.

  17. Keep being the strong person you are. Your mom is lucky you are her daughter. Strong spirit. Female soldier.

  18. When I first saw you, I said to myself that you look black, and south American!

    I'm so sorry about the circumstances surrounding your other half. You're so strong, and you're such a blessing to the world.

  19. It awesome that you found out who your dad is even though the circumstance however when you said “I’m half back, half Puerto Rican” it erked me so much. You have ANCESTRY from modern day Puerto Rican’s which could mean anything considering it consists of native people, Africans and Europeans. Technically their is no “race”. Also, if you want to identify in that kind of way you are also European. You are not black! Black is a color. Your hair is black, but your skin is brown. I know it might not seem significant but it’s the wrong terminology which a lot of people get confused about. Anyway, I’m glad you got the answers you were looking for. Good luck!

  20. You are wonderfully made and maybe it's good you found out about who he really is. Now you know…let it go. And live your life sweetie.

  21. Thank you for your courage to find out and the grace you are handling it with. I am sure you know this, but if your mom filed a report back then, California got rid of the statute of limitations on rape. He could be charged and found guilty just on the DNA evidence.

  22. You are a brave lady that's classy and discreet! Excellent qualities!

  23. so courageous my sister. may God bless your mom and heal her. stay strong.

  24. we found my grandson half-sister who is 15 yrs older – she did not know her dad until he took the test-

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I noticed how you kept saying he is your "dad." He doesn't deserve the title "dad." However he is your father. Continue to stay positive and encourage other people like myself.

  26. How amazing to discover the answer to that mystery! I am glad your mother gave you a good life and you are very grounded and a delightful young wife and mother. Good job to your Mom. She has had to deal with a terrible experience/memory and I am sure still does. She could have aborted you and tried to forget and go on with her life, but she didn't. She did the noble thing, the heroic thing, the Godly thing – in loving you and rearing you to be a good person. She took a toxic destructive blow and turned it into such a beautiful jewel, a treasure. I am glad you can see where your features come from – and have validation there. A sperm is NOT a father. There is nothing there to follow up on. You are wise to close that door and end that chapter as it will go nowhere. Thanks for sharing your story. Best wishes.

  27. If I was raped and got pregnant I would have kept you too. You look Aztec.

  28. I am sorry that his mother treated you that way. Some people are just in denial. She could have been standing there witnessing the act, and would still deny what her relative did. Don't worry, there are nature and nurture components to what people turn out to be. I hate that you have to miss out on half of your family because of this. And everyone who is in that family may not necessarily feel the same way that she does. I can also understand your apprehension about reaching out to them any more than you have, though. It would be too painful for your mom most likely, and I don't know if I would want my kids around his family. Not to be mean or anything, I have known people in families like that to be in so much denial that they put the safety of other family members and friends in jeopardy while they refuse to acknowledge what the abuser did. You don't know what their family dynamic is. This may be a thing that happens in their family, that they just turn a blind eye to. Paw-Paw did it to all of his kids. Those kids did it to theirs and so on and so forth.

  29. I am not even 2 minutes in and I am shoked…. You have to tick your race on a job aplication?!!! Wow, where I live, there is no such box in job aplicstions. That is so fucked up racist. It must be so difficult for the mixed race people…. Who do you betray, your mom or your dad??? (In an ideal situation where both the people are loving parents to the child)

  30. I was always told I could only find out my mothers side through DNA. My father had nothing to do with me and denies me so I might just do this test. Is there a certain test or is there just one?

  31. I knew you were from San Francisco area by your accent! Me too! Thank you for your courage in sharing this video. I learned so much. I am sorry your mother had such a bad childhood experience. I am so glad you are here. You are a terrific lady.

  32. I've watched a number of these DNA videos. Your's was the most moving. Thank you for sharing something so personal. Truth be told there are many of us who have "uncertain paternity" events in our bloodlines. Yours is more recent. I'm sorry the sister that you reached out to did not deal with you more forthrightly. She has probably developed mechanisms to deal with the shame associated with her brothers actions. I'd be willing to bet that their are others in that side of your family origins that would be more compassionate. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and an example of mercy and maturity. Just to be able to deal with this whole issue in such a balanced way is really great. I am glad you got some peace in the knowledge of what really has happened. You should consider finding an avenue to share with others that have a similar history, you could be a real encouragement to them, and it would bring further healing to you as well.

  33. If you look deep enough into people's family line somebody that was our great grandmother going back how many years we don't know, was raped, it's a terrible thing, none of us can't really say that didn't happen to us we really don't know but we know do general human history, and it is UGLY!

  34. Plenty of Black Ricans like Tito Trinidad Puerto Rico ?? ☝?

  35. My sista you look Nigerian.. You should go, you have so many sistas and cousins there.

  36. Btw Puerto Rican isn't a race, you can be fully black and still be 100% Puerto Rican because it's a nationality and slaves were sent to the island just like they were sent to the US.

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