How to Get Started in Genealogy

How to Get Started in Genealogy

When you pursue genealogy as a hobby it can be quite satisfying for you. Since it traces your roots, you can be made to feel a part of the family and how you are be connected to them. At times, you may have heard that your ancestors could have helped the allied forces defeat the Nazi powers or that they were part of the Russian Revolution in 1917. Such interesting tidbits can be obtained from the older generation. Some stories are true and they are even corroborated by documents and photos. The older generation can help you to dig up the old photographs and the documents that pertain to the era from the attic and old boxes.

One of the places where you can find a lot of data and information that pertains to your family is the internet. There are many sites that are specifically dedicated to genealogy and your ongoing research tracing the family tree. Some of the great sites that can help you in your quest for the creation f the family tree are sites such as, Roots and My These sites will usually charge a fee for the information that you download from them. On these sites, you can seek the important information regarding the birth and the death certificates, tax records, marriage licenses and sometimes even divorce records. Some important information and some old photographs may also be uploaded from time to time.

These websites are continuously been updated with the latest information also. Since many people can have the same names or similar names, it can become a tough job to weed out the irrelevant people. However with the preexisting information that you have, you may be able to piece together the family tree jumble quite well. Now you can access further information through the search engines. When you give a number of search options then the search quality and results are even better. So it is a great thing to ask and get as much information pertaining to your family as is possible. Many of these websites have even uploaded information from places where the immigrants from various parts of the world arrived such as Ellis Island. However these records were handwritten by the officers at the immigration counter. There are many examples of human error and sometimes the immigrants would even tell different names from the actual names since they were fleeing persecution in their native land.

Local court houses have a vast database of records that pertain to birth, death, marriage and divorce records. You can even request information from the state government for getting the same kind of information. The information that you get from the local court houses or the state departments can fill the holes in the family tree. You could even approach the funeral homes they can give you information about your ancestors. In towns where your ancestors may be buried you may also be able to get a lot of information from the cemeteries and funeral house records as well.

The hobby of genealogy is a rewarding hobby for the person and also for the future generations.

Source by Krys Williams