Hispanic ancestry dna (Dominican, Colombian, and Puerto Rican)

Hispanic ancestry dna (Dominican, Colombian, and Puerto Rican)

Not happy about my ancestry DNA update. My middle eastern is gone and my European Jewish percentage went up. My African went down 1% too. I was 11% Nigerian before. I went from 53% European to 56%. My mother is from Colombia and my father was Dominican and Puerto Rican with some British roots. My last name is British.



  1. You have nice results tho estas mixed 13% Benin/Togo wow , they also took my Middle East and My European Jewish went down.

  2. Buenos Resultados estoy seguro la parte (italia-grecek).. es Dominicana igual el % middle East es Dominicano Y parte del Africano tambien la parte indigena o nativa viene de colombia Y Puerto Rico tambien parte de lo africano viene de Ay

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