1. Spanish speaking people are not native american nor are predominately native American !!! Their ancestor did not come from america they came from Spanish speaking countries like Puerto Rico….. They are a mixer of (3) groups the Spaniards from Spain Spaniard are white, Tiano Indians who were the people who lived on those Islands before white men came and the African . That's their make up. The so called American Indian (the aboriginal people of America are 85% of the melinated people (Black people) here in America the other 15% are the African slaves they bought here. If you are confused of what I'm saying read a little about who Christopher Columbus said was here on this land then know as Turtle Island now know as America he describes Black people being here and the artist that drew the pictures of the people drew Black people some of different complexions but Black people all the same.

  2. Puerto Rican blood is COMPLETELY mixed. These are the results of Puerto Rican DNA for sure

  3. So basicly he thought he was Puerto Rican but he is really a white man..His ancestor must of been white and had a kid with a Puerto Rican women..But he is white by blood it seems..Damn!!

  4. your a true PR (no offense by the slightest) with that type of mixture.

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