Hey Guys !! Our Results came in and we were in for a surprise !! I knew to expect some European in my DNA due to slavery, but was not expecting Great Britain. Tam’s results were spot on!! I knew he had some Middle Eastern in him ?

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  1. But i know also that many Dominicans have in fact Haïtians "abuelos" ( great-grand parents )…

  2. Haitians aren't as mixed as the others islands within the carribbeans…Haïtians are predominantly West African heritage…with a lesser degree of french ancestry.

    It's obvious when you compare Haïti to the Dominican Republic. DR is clearly way more mixed than Haïti…as a matter of fact, pretty much all the Carribbeans islands are overall way more mixed than Haïti ( including Jamaïca ).

    West Africa is so present in Haïti…that's crazy

  3. Ethiopias get really surprised when they see anything other than Subsaharan African on their ancestry results… they’re also not that surprised to Jewish since most Ethiopian Jews knew what they were before dna science proved it… also Italian since they occupied Ethiopia only a few generations ago… but they’ll absolutely refuse to believe that they have any Arab ancestors. Pretty crazy considering they know the history of the Arab Slave trade and our proximity to the Arab world. Basically all E African have some Arab in them.

  4. The Middle East is actually North East Africa!!! Middle East is a misnomer, there's no such thing because there is no Middle west. The term was coined by European traders when they traveled to the east to places like India, when they got half way there they would say they're in the Middle east!!! The area sits on the same Tectonic plate as the rest of Africa!!!

  5. Honestly vI've never sern a haitian and a ethiopian couple. BLACKLOVE!?

  6. Please do ur research very well before jumping into conclusions Indians used to be part of Alkenbulan or Africans people they migrated from Eastern part of ABBYSSINIA to the place called Indian today, ABBYSSINIA which's now called Ethiopia, all Africans are called Ethiopian's Ethiopian means People with dark faces or dark skin people when Greeks arrived in that part of Africa they were astonished to see black people n they called them Ethiopian's ,the current Ethiopia are called Abyssinians.Ethiopia has been the capital of Africa till today it has never been conquered by any body although the Italian government tried but they failed the same faith happened to Egypt her name is Misra to Kermit which means the land of blacks it was the Greeks army Egytos that conquered the land Kermit n change it to Egypt the present Egyptians are Armenian's, Iranians, Turkey's, Arabs, French and British were the last to conquered Egypt, Nubian was changed to Sudan which means Black in Arabic word , Africa has been in a dinner table for colonial masters who brought us fake religion's, Slavery, fake war's in Africa, disorganization of families, Using our people as a guinea pigs, desease's, suffering's ,miseducation, brainwashed n bamboozled to worsen the situation's Africans leaders are conspiring with the slave master to steal their countries wealth n transferring them to slave masters land while their citizens are bleeding but depends in heaven room thirty five to enjoy themselves which's bullshit .African's the richest continent in the world but they are poorest in their countries the Slave masters have one thing in their minds cheap labors n mineral resources to leave large the territory called middle East is called North East Africa not middle East the Arabs conquered the territory 800yrs ago at the same the time the Irish people were fighting the British government they robbed and enslaved our people till today the wealth they are enjoying today are our blesses from God the canal that divide Africa maps is man made canal by the British government now Ashkenazi Jews from eastern part of Russian called Georgia they converted into Jewdazim eight century ago and their leaders name is Theodore they are teaching them a lesson because they understand how the Arabs got there United nations voted to relocate them to Uganda after the 2nd world war but Rothschild intervened by purchasing the land which is currently called Israel the Arabs are exhibiting their anger's to word Africans by molesting our beautiful sister's, boys and little girls.

  7. well my brother, the Ethiopian aksumite Empire conquered Yemen and parts of Arabia, so that might contribute to your percentage.

  8. You guys are so cute, I'm Ethiopian too and can't wait to take the test soon

  9. My son is Indonesian and is dark skin you're right beautiful hair

  10. Don't worry Tom, Middle East is a made up name it's really north east Africa. It was all joined up in one land mass until they dug out the Suez Canal.

  11. Girl you add the north African to the middle east not the African,so he's basically 54% Caucasoid 46% negroid.yes he does look Indian if he straighten his hair or hide it he looks like south indian/sri Lanka

  12. He does not look Indian. Curly hair is normal for Ethiopians because they are the first. Middle Eastern isn’t non Black either. If I seen him walking down the street I would assume he is East African.

  13. I'm from Cameroon u are beautiful u got the eyes of a semi bantu well come in the family Cameroon is between Nigeria bandary and congo we share the same culture and wisdom we there cameroonians originated from Egypt with the Nigeria and congo in Cameroon we speak French and English both colonised by the British and France

  14. cool results… I'm Ethiopian and have had Indian (Southeast Asians) ask if I am Indian or tell me I have Indian ancestors.

  15. Lakay sé lakay, anyways the real middle eastern are BLACK AFRICANS, the people there now are Ottoman Turks from Greek and Roman mixing, they are invaders…

  16. Did the girl really said North African like Moses?
    Honey, Moses was an Israelite. -_-

  17. Yo that guy looks so haitian

  18. Dominicans in their hate have decided to delete Haiti off the map in dna YT video, mimicking their real desires to see Haiti disappear. They truly have problems within their own skin. https://youtu.be/Tq1J14bpH1s

  19. Caazy America! do not trust any B.s. lie of anything Ancestry America! git yer $$ back!
    you are Native Americans!

  20. The presence of middle eastern in east african populations does not mean that he's not 100% African, the Eastern lineages are very very old and migration across the levant and the horn of Africa has been going on for millenia, the regional isolation that leads to new distinct haplogroupings like emerged in Africa then intensified as populations left and then came back over the as long as that has been happening …estimates now centering on 70,000 years ago.

    Recent study on East African admixture shows that in the last few thousand years there has been continuous admixture between the regions leaving parts of ancestry in both continental migration points.


  21. middle eastern….Indian…all leads back to Africa.

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