Haitian AncestryDNA

Haitian AncestryDNA

I highly suggest people find out who they are and where they come from. This test was fun to do. Although I was super confused, it was pretty interesting, Haha!

Upload raw dna to dna.land and/or gedmatch.com

Dna.land Results
●83% African
-65% West Africa
-53% Lower Niger Valley
-7.1% Senegal River Valley
-4% Mende/Akan
-18% East African
●14% Eurasian
-6.1% Mediterranean Islander
-2.9% Finnish
-2.2% Northwest European
-1.9% Southwest European
-1% South European
-1% Ambiguous
●1.2% Native American



  1. Sista is a continent there are a lot of Africans who are mixed too not everybody is 100 per cent African even in Africa the continent look much more like Haiti with every type of human being even if is predominantly black so don't be surprise there is a lot of Jewish libanese Arabs and Europeans in Africa even before slavery time thanks for sharing your beauty to the world

  2. Sa4a813 Cool results!!The ashkenazi(jews from eastern europe) ancestry surprised me a bit as the jewish immigrant population in haiti is very small.I used Ashkenazi since Jewish is a religion not an ethnicity and for someone to be Jewish they would have to practice judaism not just be from a family that practices Judaism.I get why your mom kept on saying your family was from Guinea(in haitian creole it would be Gine).Guinea became a slang term for west africa during colonial times especially among haitians since the Gulf of Guinea borders southern west africa(including togo) as well as western southwestern africa and as you know the slaves were picked up on the beaches of the gulf of guinea.Ex of how haitians use Guinea to mean africa is a popular haitian proverb;Depi an Gine neg rayi neg; which means ever since africa,black people have hated each other.The proverb alludes to how unfortunately some black africans sold their brothers into slavery to racist europeans.

  3. before most of west african countries got individual names.all of west africa was called guinea

  4. your mom is right on the pronunciation of Guinea……it is exactly how she says it in French….

  5. Research MARRANOS . Jewish people migrating to the Americas to escape persecution. Consider, even with your Afghani markers, that Jewish, Moorish and Arab people ran the business world in North Africa and Southern Europe. Also historically, people used general words to describe types of people. So Guinea, Ethiopia, Moor … these terms were used to generally describe people based on European writers reference points.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Some Tainos are still alive and live in Cuba ? I saw a video with the chief of the Taino tribe yesterday.

  7. Your Mali and Senegal you can count for guinea, guinea was way bigger on older maps 1700s b

  8. The Afghan and Jewish roots maybe from the Muslim and Jewish slave traders that is widely rumored to have dominated kidnappings in Africa.

  9. The European Jewish and East European DNA in your test possibly come from a Polish regiment sent by the French to put down the rebellion who changed sides and joined the rebellion.

  10. I’m from Benin My number is 7732909688
    Contact me and we can exchange a lot of history.thankx

  11. I'm half Haitian and half Jamaican. I received my 23andMe DNA test kit today and will be using it and mailing it out tomorrow.

  12. Your mom is right, that part of Africa was Guinea, before, during and after Colonial periods the regional names of the West African countries have changed often in the last 1800 years.

  13. No they was not wiped out the black people was the Indians they was the Aborigines people already on that land the white European or I should say the French and slave the head Haiti people the Aborigines people of that land and change their language and history. The same way how he did in America because my grandmother she's from Alabama and she's from the Crow tribe the Aboriginal Indian and she can still speak it 95 years old she always told me stories that black people was already on this land for millions of years .

  14. Listen if you wasnt born in africa u are not 100% black…no black people today outside of africa is 100% black end of story

  15. Shut the fuk up what were you you keep ranting and shit big nose ass

  16. Finally got some sense to look up Haitians posting their DNA results. I did 23 & Me test and i'm 87.3 African, 11.8 European (my great great grandmother was from France and came to Haiti and married my great great grandfather) we owned a farm, so we had some means. Then the results showed for native dna, so that could only mean Taino indian ancestry, born between 1700 to 1790 according to the results. I only heard that we might have native dna, the test prove that we did. Thanks for posting your results. 

    P.S. I read that not all the Taino were wipeout, about 600 or so survived up in the mountains where the europeans couldn't get to them.

  17. Thanks a lot.
    I am happy to read such a reaction, because in the West Indies, we often hear people saying that they are native too. Yet the French settlers had eliminated them all practically, just before the slave trade.
    I am from Guadeloupe, here it is the same thing, people are always claiming that they are native.
    Thanks for the precision, Sa4aBeauty.

  18. Stay away from these DNA companies! They only test around 600 Africans to match you with. I got mine a few months ago and I was ok with it but it still left me wondering what actual tribe I come from. My last try was with African Ancestry DNA they tested thousands of Africans and was able to tell me what tribe my DNA matched! From there I was able to research that tribe and where they went durning the slave trade. Ancestory DNA with show you 20% Nigerian but there are many tribes who live in Nigeria. African Ancestry will compare your DNA to each tribe to pinpoint who you descend from.

  19. Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2018! Health, happiness, n prosperity pretty lady our Creator will bless you with.

  20. Guinea was a word used to describe Africa in general especially in Haitian creole and French

  21. another Haitian dummy that believe white people can track her DNA through saliva…. u should make them track your DNA to see what pary of HAITI your ancestors came from. We're in 2017 and people are still dumb. White people will get rich of y'all dummies

  22. mali on ancestry dna also includes northern guinea, so maybe…

  23. The DNA tells your background But has next to nothing to do with what you are capable of doing, whether you believe in God, love and help others whether you are anything

  24. When I went to Jamaica me and my Husband on a horse buggy ride I Sean our name all over the place in big letters.ETIENNE yes we are both French him full me will that's another story. Love it

  25. well, people in Jeremy were mixed with hewish people, and manmy of the Haitian Poles are Jewish, so…

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