1. I am Haitian and I GOT 100% African. you know what that means . ( "colon get manmanw") this term does not apply to me. my great+ grandma did not get rape.

  2. I knew her dna majority was going to be a majority Benin Togo before she mentioned it. It’s well know amongst west Africans that’s Haitians are a direct descendant of Benin/Togo/ Nigeria, specifically the Ewe, fon, Yoruba people

  3. On doit vous avouer que les africains dans leur majoritw savaient depuis lontemps a peu pres d'ou sont originaires les autres noirs qu'ils rencontraient en Europe ou aux Usa. C'est tellement visible et evident physiquement. Un nigerian ne ressemble pas a un togolais. Un beninois ne ressemble pas a un camerounais. Un malien ou senegalais est tellement different physiquement d'un nigerian ou camerounais. On le savait depuis si longtemps. La science de l'Adn ne fait que confirmer ce que les africains savaient depuis toujours. Maintenant, on va unir toute la race noire. C'est pour ce 21eme siecle. Vive l'Afrique noire

  4. I've noticed Haitian's African ancestry is very high in comparison to US Black's and you have genetic links all linking from West African countries that speak French!!

  5. Come home to the land of Ancestors and embrace it.The cultures can be enchanting.DNA is a guide yet if you link well with granny and grand daddy…the journey might soothing.so long

  6. Wow your results are high too…im Haitian and I'm 93% African…57% Benin/Togo and 23% Cameroon Congo Are my highest region percentages. We might be cousins lol

  7. Haitian women seem so pretty. My impression is the French bought slaves from the pretty tribes of Africa: Yorubas, Fulanis, Bambaras, etc. I am biased. My heritage is in a French Caribbean island:)

  8. Boom, right there. That's the difference between Latin Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) and Haiti and African Americans. We have African in us but that is not all we are. So back off when you want us to use the term Afro latino. No, we are multiracial and I will pick not pick the Black the white or the indigenous, for I am all three.

  9. you're extremely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You are a naturally beautiful woman from ancient Israelite bloodline. Deuteronomy 28: 15-68

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