1. Hello! I’m from Mississippi. I’m 27% Benin/Togo! Hello ?? & ?? cousin!?

  2. Wow! Congrats.. it would make sense that you were from Benin – Togo as they speak French there as they were colonised by the French and Haiti as we know was once colonised by the French too. So they obviously took people from there to work the plantations n Haiti. Congrats on finding out where your ancestors originally came from. You should try and visit Togo or Benin when you can too.. Im sure you will recognize some customs and language there similar to yours.

  3. I've always said that outside Africa, the only Blacks outside the continent with nearer the 100% mark are Haitians.

  4. Amazing, you show up as my distant cousin on Ancestry. Are any of your parents from Desdunes by any chance?

  5. Congratulations on your results brother! One word of warning….these commercial DNA tests results are junk. I say that because the results are presented by " national" breakdown. This is completely wrong. The modern African states were created by Europeans and you must avoid the notion that your ethnic African ancestry will have any correlation with your true African identity. Absolutely huge numbers of slaves were taken from what is today called Nigeria yet most of these results show very little for Nigeria….why is that? Answer: because Nigeria as a state is a totally artificial creation and bears no relationship to a distinct African ethnic group. Nigeria is made up of several ethnic groups eg, Yoruba, Igbo etc. Take the Yoruba people for example, they cover a big area in West Africa and would transcend many so called nations created by the Europeans colonialists so by saying 10% Nigeria or say 25% Benin/Togo is utterly meaningless because there is no way they can tell you which specific people in Benin, Togo or Nigeria or whenever you come from. Let's assume they said Ghana…..again totally meaningless because it won't say if you are Fanti, Ga, Twi or any of the other ethnic groups that you will find inside and outside Ghana and remember Ghana is an artificially created nation state which cut across many different tribal ethnic groups when the colonialists created that state. Exactly the same can be said for virtually every African country.None of these commercial DNA outlets have invested enough time or money in Africa to create a sufficiently accurate database but of course are very keen to cash in on the massive interest that has been generated by people trying to find their roots.No doubt of course, you are African but don't pay any attention to the breakdown it is totally worthless. My guess is that you are probably even more percentage African than they've stated but that's just the start. If these guys were honest they would break down the African by ethnic group not by so called "country". Stay blessed.

  6. I suspected that your African was mostly from Benin.
    Vodun was brought from Benin to Haiti.

  7. Obviously, 95% of the Haitian population are African descendent.

  8. Yes Haitians have a lot of benin/togo from the dahomey empire. The vodun religion hails from that region, which was the catalyst for the Haitian revolution

  9. it's a shamed that we in 2017 people are still dumb as fuck. people think white people can track their DNA through saliva. I guess they can tell if you're from Florida, Atlanta, Louisiana etc…. BLACK PEOPLE THINK OUT LOUD

  10. 57% benin and togo that so hight! youre more than high you claim that like your mother lol thats sooooo cool im haitian too and made a video as well. i really wanted a high amount of one country . i thought i was gonna be like 35 percent Cameroon and congo but nope lol i'm only about half that lol (most of my family tested on one side had high amounts of cameroon and congo ) check out my vid it was kind of surprising

  11. Lakay sé lakay Mon frère, you give me some force to do my mine, I am really in West Africans study right now, time for us to link back to our people

  12. I’ve been watching videos of Haitians DNA. Most have a high percentage of Benin/Togo. You have the highest I’ve seen for any African diasporan. I’m African American and I’m 92% African. ……..46% Benin/Togo …17% Cameroon/Congo. 11% African Southeastern Bantu. 7% Senegal. 6% Mali 2% Africa south central hunger gathers. 2% Ivory Coast/ Ghana. Less than 1% Nigeria. I was sooooo disappointed in that Nigerian percentage. Lmao lmao I️ didn’t even get enough Ghana . Two countries I️ know most about.

    I’m starting to wonder if my people came to America via Haiti?

  13. Amen!!! Very true. Its a powerful thang. Now GEDMATCH…..that's another level. Lol. But I'm finding that we all have varying percentages of all. The slave trade made things a toss up. I'm 94% African all the way to the far East. I too have Benin/Togo but 34%, 27% Nigeria, then the test are smaller. My siblings inherited different percentages and dominant areas??? Shockingly, I'm also 16% SE Bantu. And I'm a JA woman.

  14. Sorry dude, but I am falling asleep with this video. Happy you managed to find out your roots though

  15. 93%african..BOOM.lol….was it a suprise? .????? my favorit part of this video is when your son s says " hell and u smile.?

  16. Benin warriors the hardest and most feared warriors of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. How cool, my best friend is Hatian/Panamanian, so curious about what her results would be.

  18. Great teaching your kid a lesson while discovering your ancestry. Another example of great Haitian parenting.

  19. the bible has zilch to do with west africa south of the sahara. tribes in benin fon nago(yoruba) bariba togo ewe uatchi senegal wolof fulbe serere mandinka congo bateke bakongo baluba ghana more ewe akyem ahanta ga ada dangbe mamprusi denkyira asante fante nigeria ijo igbo yoruba hausa nupe tiv ibibio so many more. none of these have isht to do with the bible no body who is in Lebanon syria corinth thessalonia iraq (babylon,assyria)looks like you unless they came from there recently. i don't get why so many blacks try to act like we have a place in the. bible. the only blacks with any ties to the bible are east africans. ethiopians which in this case we 're talking about sudan or what is or was nubia. ethiopia got switched over to abyssinia. or rather abyssinia became ethiopia because king ezana of axum became⛪after saint frumentius brought that religion ezana raided nubia and that caused confusion between the two nations nubian language is not related to any biblical language but ethiopian is thats why it has words like salem and bet. greeks or greek speaking jews translated hebrew. kush as ethiopia more confusion this is because when you read genesis and it talks about eden's location it talks about one river four heads it mentions tigris and euphrates it seems to mention the nile any one looking at a map can see that nile has no connection with tigris and euphrates. the confusion comes from the. kassites or kushu who got conflated with the kushites by the time the bible was put together kassites who conquered babylon had been absorbed and forgotten. lastly juda on old maps of west africa has nothing to do with yehud or yhudah of ysral. the portuguese who couldn't speak fongbe or adjagbe. beninese languages so they called the kingdom of xweda juda on top of that the portuguese word for help is ajuda. plus negroland is something whites made up they never checked with us on their little maps so take any labled with a grain of salt

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