Got my Ancestry DNA results back

Got my Ancestry DNA results back

Got my Ancestry DNA results back. Not too much of a surprise. We are trying to track down my paternal Grandfather since the man who I thought was my Grandfather actually isn’t He was murdered and our DNA didn’t match the body found.

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  1. No number listed near a region means you don’t have any of that region in your DNA. But do click on the little black plus sign near the “low confidence regions” so you can see your smaller percentages! Play around with it more and you’ll get the hang of it! Enjoy!!

  2. We recently found out through a DNA test that our paternal grandfather wasn't really ours. And we're trying to find our biological grandfather too. I guess "unexpected paternal events" happens more often than one would think. Too bad your matches don't have family trees listed. That's why you don't have any hints. I have 900 4th cousins and closer, and 572 pages of DNA matches, at 50 per page. And I never heard of most of them. Download your raw Ancestry results and upload them to free sites such as GEDMatch, and genome project DNA.Land. They flesh out your results, and also list DNA matches. Good luck with finding your paternal grandfather. Also, see the little question mark symbol next to your matches? When you click on an individual name, you'll see for example: "Predicted relationship: 3rd Cousins, Possible range: 3rd – 4th cousins Confidence: Extremely High". There is a gray symbol to the right of the Confidence prediction. Click on that to see how many Centimorgans you share. EXAMPLE: 111 centimorgans shared across 7 DNA segments. That's a good clue as to how close you actually are.

  3. Hey you probably realized by now, but you read the results wrong. You don't actually have Native American or African or Asian lineage, you just clicked on the "All 150 regions" button and it showed all the regions that it is possible to get. Lol just wanted to let you know.

  4. I just thought I'd mention to you that before you spend too much more money on DNA tests you should first check out which of the various DNA companies willl allow you to upload your RAW DNA data from Ancestry for free. For example MyHeritage DNA, which also has its own genealogy services linked with its DNA database. Some companies or services only offer ethnicity testing, or they might charge extra to access the genealogy/DNA matching services.

  5. That was fast. I guess they can only show relatives that have actually shared spit right ?

  6. I want to try this but didn't know anyone who had tried it and I was not sure. Now you have so I will give it a shot .. Thanks!!

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