Genealogy sites scrutinized in wake of Golden State Killer probe

Genealogy sites scrutinized in wake of Golden State Killer probe

Some genealogists are raising alarms about police searching a public DNA database to track down the alleged Golden State Killer. California investigators used to name Joseph DeAngelo as the suspect in at least 12 murders and 50 rapes in the 1970s and ’80s. Tony Dokoupil reports.

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  1. don'т do anyтнιng ѕerιoυѕly wrong n υr ғιne oтнerwιѕe ι нope тнey caтcн мore evιl ppl.

  2. B/c of the invasion of privacy, he'llwalk a free man

  3. I wonder if he will turn on his buddy's in blue that where involved??

  4. They used it to catch a ruthless killer n rapist who tortured ppl and sodomized 12 yo girls. Who was still loose n dangerous. Wtf is wrong with that. They didnt use it to snoop into trivial issues.

  5. What about the one they arrested and it was not him ?
    DNA did not work for arresting Oj Simpson !

  6. They should learn from this, every cop should have to volunteer there D.N.A as a form of vetting

  7. I saw an old guy who looked exactly like this guy, sitting in a Starbucks!! That is all.

  8. People complain about anything just to make themselves feel relevant and special.

  9. I think its great that they use this technology to catch killers, i don't know why anybody would be against it. As long as this technology is used appropriately and responsibly i have no problem with it.

  10. Eventually this data base will fall into the wrong hands, stay away from them.

  11. Lets be honest, the only people worried about this is rapist, murders and criminals. I suspect a lot of super wealthy rapist type people are the only ones worried. You know, the type who have enough money to make head lines in the paper with "Genealogy sites scrutinized in wake of Golden State Killer probe" check out the documentary conspiracy of silence here on youtube for more info on this. Its a bad quality video but worth watching. People need to know about this stuff

  12. What he killed so many people dam good that it was available to catch this scumbag

  13. If they are doing this, how far are we from requiring your dna at birth for a mass population database?

  14. The GED data base is a public open use portal and has no User Agreement. Anyone using any website for DNA needs to read the terms and conditions on the site and agree to upload DNA or simply do not do it. If you do not want to capture child predators, murderers, rapists and serial killers using DNA samples then exactly what kind of human being are you, anyway? This raging debate is good for business.

  15. Why don't we just mandate all law enforcement officers submit DNA swabs upon hiring which can periodically be ran against all criminal databases?? Instead of holding them above the law, put them on even playing field. If we violated cops rights to privacy decades ago, this psycho would've been put away half way through his crime spree. (Before the geniuses start saying how DNA wasnt available back then: reports were and it was certainly on record that he was caught stealing dog repellant and a fkn hammer. Obviously there's ill intent there. Why didn't his fellow peace officers investigate that further?????)

  16. This is not the first time they have used Genealogy to catch a killer

  17. If we had standard laws in place to automatically take DNA from all law enforcement upon their hiring, future cases like this would be solved decades sooner! Of course we could never ever keep their DNA though, they're above that

  18. My dna is on gedmatch and it will remain there. If someone in my family tree is a criminal then I would gladly help them track them down. Fortunately they able to prove their conclusions. I found my friend’s unknown father after 71 years of her not knowing. He is 95.

  19. Cases with such severity and brutality as this one warrant such searches. My only concern is all the people who will now be unwillingly submitting their DNA which may be planted for different crimes later. If there are non violent petty crimes that people get stung with later, that should be a problem. The only victims here are the people who were brutally raped, murdered and their families. I'd surrender my privacy for them to get some justice. At the same time, does that mean one of my 10th cousins somewhere should get caught for a petty theft or other victimless crime? No. I think laws should be put in to place to establish exactly what type of crimes these familia matches can be used for.

  20. If this is something you're concerned about now, maybe you should have thought about that before you gave out your DNA. No one forced you to do that.

  21. This is ridiculous! The police put a ruthless killer and rapist in jail!! Who cares if innocent people's DNA had to be used. What skin is it off their noses? I would certainly be fine with law enforcement using my DNA to put away any relative of mine who have committed heinous crimes. People are so paranoid that they have all these privacy issues. Lets' look at the bigger picture here. The Golden State Killer is finally caught. I'm sure all his victims and victims' families are glad, no matter HOW they caught him. Also, law enforcement can use this tool to catch other ruthless criminals. I'm sorry but I think it's a brilliant 21st century police tool. This is cutting edge and I wish the best of law enforcement to use this tactic to put away murderers and rapists.

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