Genealogy of Maha Bali!

Genealogy of Maha Bali in the puranas also asserts the similar origin. Here Maha Bali is the descendant of the two gate keepers of heaven known as Jaya & Vijaya- (meaning Victor and Great Victor. Those who overcome -The Overcomers) They were forced into incarnation on Earth due to the curse of the Sages because they would not allow these sages to enter the presence of god. Jaya was born as Kasyapa. In pre-Vedic times, Kasyapa was a primordial god. He was the father of the Devas (Suras – gods), the Asuras (demons – Breath of God), the Nagas (The Serpentines), and the Mankind. His name means tortoise, and he was connected with the cosmic tortoise which made up the universe.

In Vedic times Kasyapa had Aditi as his consort, and he was the father of the Adityas (literally means the Suns). In later times he became equated with Prajapati (Means “Lord of Hosts”) and Brahma (the Creator), and was also named as one of the Rishis (sages). He had two sons Hiranyakshu and Hiranya Kasipu (Meaning the Golden Eye and the Golden Dress). They were Demon Dravidian) Kings. Both were killed by two incarnations of Vishnu possibly indicating the destruction of Christianity in the North and Middle India. Hiranyaksha was killed by the Boar Incarnation and Hiranya Kasipu by the Lion- Man Incarnation of Vishnu. Hiranya Kasipu was killed at the betrayal of his own son Prahalada who became a Vaishnavite.

The Period of the King of the Great Sacrifice. When Maha Bali Ruled. Here is a song which we have been singing through generations during the Onam festival.:

“Maveli Nadu Vanidum Kalam

Manusharellarum Onnupole

Amodathode vasikum kalam

apathangarkumottilla thanum

Adhikal Vyadhikal Onnumilla

Bala maranangal Kelkanilla

Kallavumilla Chathivumilla

Ellolamilla Poli Vachanam

Kallaparyum Cheru Nazhiyum

Kallatharangal mattonumilla”

It translates as:

When Maveli, our King, ruled the land,

All the people were as One.

And people live joyful and merry;

They were all free from harm.

There was neither anxiety nor sickness,

Death of the children were never even heard of,

There were no lies,

There is neither theft nor deceit,

And no one is false in speech either.

Measures and weights were right;

No one cheated or wronged their neighbor.

When Maveli, our King, ruled the land,

All the peoples formed one casteless race.’

The Onam festival lasts for ten-days and falls during the harvest season.

Source by Lonappan Ouseph