Follow Up: My Ancestry DNA Results

Follow Up: My Ancestry DNA Results

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My Mom’s Ancestry DNA Results:

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  1. I've researched the DNA tests and those things. Some DNA is so small that they can't pinpoint what it is. Also, DNA is such a complex thing, every child doesn't get the same exact DNA portions from the parents. This is why siblings can have different skin tones, eye colors, hair color, etc.

  2. don't worrying about the comments girl! you keep on with your thing and keep making videos! I've only seen a couple of your videos but your culture and how you were raised are who you are and nobody can tell you differently!

  3. Its kinda crazy.. I dont really care about your DNA like that…. Im just interested in YOU. Hopefully i meet you 1day….

  4. Wait. You only believe the dna test that gave you the answers that you liked?!! Ok I'm done with these videos this is some next level narcissism ✌️?

  5. you remind me of my friend Melissa. She's mexican and "black" but you remind me of her because of your vocal tone. You are funny and forward and I'm diggin your vibe. Nooo boxes. Just keep doin you. Peace aand Love

  6. You are confused about genetics versus culture. Your family strongly identifies as black. Go for it! The genetics are real inspite of it. So relax already!

  7. I think you are an amazing beautiful woman! You mixed ancestry just gives you different features. Your attitude is spot on. Spread love not hate!

  8. I know this dude at work, and he talks just like you "is his way or no way" I am probably in the 40s% native american, I'll give you some of my dna to make you happy. ?

  9. Your mixed and i accept it your at least 1/4 black therefore mixed. You look like jordan sparks.

  10. U ain’t Native American okay. I am you ain’t

  11. Astronomies origin is astrology

  12. “Stop telling me what I am!!!!”
    “Here are the percentages of what I am!”
    “I’m mixed.”

  13. You keep saying how everyone is trying to put you in this box based on your DNA results (over and over and over and over again) but you’re the one who took it and you’re the one who brings it up in every single fucking video. God just shut up and stop begging for attention.

  14. Look, she mixed passing white. Her mom is half black and white, looks light skinned black, her dad is white. Her grandparents are white or black as well. i.e. she is mixed. Get over it.

  15. Eh, haters. Yo. You would be called a faye back in the day. Fayes are pale skinned African descendents. My great grandmother is one.

  16. I think that it's accurate and I think that your results are very nice. I had mine done also.

  17. I recently took this journey and something inside me told me to keep the percentages to myself (which I did), mostly because they are not important to me personally because I see myself as a human more than a math calculation…Anyway, I am FLOOOOORED at all the negative and angry comments and debates I have seen over people arguing about percentages and folks telling other folks what race they qualify to be and race they no longer qualify as due to this percentage and that percentage, this is absolute foolery! Do people have anything better to do? Is a person that is 80% white supposed to ignore their 20% African ancestry because it's only 20% and vice versa? This is complete insanity to me. And complete strangers on YouTube are getting mad and arguing over it! WHO CARES????!!! The girl is beautiful and she has European and African ancestry, my GAWSH, this is not ROCKET SCIENCE! The social media race police really need to get over themselves! This is really sad…:-(…I have a dream that ONE DAY we can get rid of those RACE BOXES all together!

  18. if your labia lip is pink or brown then youre not black….thats the truth….

  19. This is too funny. See I'm mixed black white and Native American. But I have kids and they are mixed but they look black. They are black white native Americans and Hispanic. But I love it. Love being mixed and it's all good. I'm getting no DNA tests. Your beautiful honey!!! Mixed girls are awesome ?

  20. Its really hard to be able to even be full native American because they were raped by French and Europeans pretty much every race cant really be %100 because of slavery and what happen back when so dont worry girl just go by your ma and dad and what you know ?

  21. You look white, and thats what we will all ever see, stop trying too hard!

  22. What do ur parents look like? And why do u make a big deal about being mixed, being mixed is not even a thing!

  23. most native America DNA markers aren't traceable on ancestry..

  24. I'm mixed like you. Same complexion and everything. I ended up taking 3 of them – ancestry, 23 and me and myheritage.

    They were all different and I find them all were shit expect 23 and me.

    I felt people treated me differently after finding out my mixture. Which is very different from my full blooded sister. And it's crazy how some of the people you connect with, don't anything to do with you if you have a said % of black.

    But it was something interesting to know, but it didn't change who I am.

  25. I go through the same exact shit. My mom is German and Cherokee Indian, the Native American coming from her mom and the German coming from her dad, then my dad is mixed with lighter skin and people always try to tell me what I am

  26. You might be confused about your Ancestry DNA percentages, nevertheless what is absolutely clear, you are 100% beautiful

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