Finding Out My Ethnicity | AncestryDNA Reveal

Finding Out My Ethnicity | AncestryDNA Reveal

Watch to find out 😉


Lipstick: “Trendsetter” liquid lipstick by HUDA mixed with “Dusty Rose” by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Lip gloss: “Deelight” by MAC
Lip liner: “Auburn” lip liner by NYX
Lashes: Kiss #11

Jacket: vintage denim from Lee’s (got off Etsy)
Earrings: Free People

Bumper clip (at end of video) created by Nathaniel Rocket

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  1. Very interesting results! I've been a subscriber for a little while and thought you may have been mixed, but these are fascinating results too! I've seen darker-haired Welsh, Irish and Scottish people actually, Catherine Zeta Jones is from Wales (you remind me a little of her).

  2. the fuck yall talkin about. she dont look black or mixed at all. she look white. those comments obviously come frm ignorant ass people, just cause she got brown eyes dont mean shes mixed. plus, nowadays girls be putting tons of makeup, it all changes appearance. u can literally make urself look “mixed”.tf

  3. I thought she was adopted because she doesn’t look like her parents.

  4. If you have Scottish Irish.. ps I’m Scottish – chances are you will have Scandinavian blood too

  5. I did not think you were mixed with black, Hispanic, or Armenian (Kardashians). I thought Italian and Scandinavian. But to debate to about what you are is like….what is it to you and why do you care about it so much. Oh ain’t nothing wrong with being “super dark.”

  6. When I first saw you I honestly thought you were Latina for some reason ??

  7. I thought you were mixed with Hispanic and maybe a little black lol

  8. I would have sworn you were at least 50% Hispanic. But once you clicked on Eastern European I could see how your non-western European features could be Eastern European-esk. If you said you were Croatian or Russian, Romanian or Czech then I'd have totally bought that.

  9. Damn I thought she was mixed or something but she's just straight up white

  10. Sorry I’ve decided you’re still black in my eyes ❤️?

  11. That test is straight BS. There is no way with your tan skin and full lips you are just white/European. The fact that everyone has African something in them and yours didn’t lost any? Those features are not European features….

  12. She a straight up white girl lol

    I did my test and I'm mixed with everything

  13. Woahhh! Your features aren't as common with your race haha

  14. I'm mainly Scottish and then have British and French ancestry too, but people all the time ask if I am mixed with Japanese or Korean or Native as well! It's funny because I don't think people know that lots of Scots have very very dark hair and eyes naturally, so it throws people off! So funny that you get the same comments!

  15. Yea interesting, you do not not 100% white at all, probably due to your lips and dark features but anything is possible!

  16. I grew up in both Europe and America and you look like a beautiful Irish/French or German woman!!! People seem to thing that all the Irish are redheads or blonde but NOO. After the Spanish invasion thousands of years ago, most of the Irish and Scottish have the dark features. And your skin will tan easily. Many French share the same traits as you too!!! Dark hair, skin that will allow a tan, and nice lips and eyes?

  17. Try and trick the system. I dare you to take an African Ancestory test.

  18. how can this be true ,,, you look everything except Irish or Scottish ! ?

  19. I am actually an almost identical mix to you, and look very similar to you! Same hair and skin colour, unusually full lips and same eyes! x

  20. i have Welsh heritage and people think I'm Native American… it made sense when I found out Catherine Zeta Jones is Welsh. You kinda look like her too!

  21. I’ve always thought you had Scottish roots since your surname is Scottish! You should come over one day and try to trace your family you’d be welcome here with open arms! Megan Queen of Scots lol

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