Hey guys! This video is very exciting to me because I got to learn more about myself. If you guys are thinking about taking an ancestry test, this video shows you a quick process on how to take the 23andme test AND my results! I hope you guys enjoy, and if you do, please like and share! ?



  1. Skip to 3:03 for the results if you don’t want to go through the process! ?

  2. You could't match with some French parents in the database to determinate your unknown (french) family

  3. Wow, that's actually a crazy low percentage of Chinese. Typically, the Vietnamese people I know get at least 20% in their results.

  4. im manchurian ,we build the qing dynasty and we run china from 1636 to 1912,the last dynasty in mainland,the movie ‘’The Last Emperor‘ was talking about the last emperor in china which is last manchurian emperor ’

  5. I really want to try this out? could be really interesting since I am adopted and I know nothing about my background!

  6. My guess is that your mom's father was likely an American soldier in the Vietnam War. This is highly likely if your mom was born during or just after the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975. It also makes sense why your mom was put up for adoption. It's kind of a dark reality of history, and a lot of mixed race babies result from wars like Vietnam. I can't be sure, but that's my best guess from a historical perspective.

  7. I'm half French on my father side. On my mom side she has predominately Vietnamese along with Cambodian, Thai, Oceanic, Chinese & Mongolian. That is interesting your results Chinese, French, & Mongolian all took part in occupation & wars in the past. You have a very unique look with those mixtures.

  8. Never heard of Manchurian before lol,
    I got 46.9% Chinese and Vietnamese

  9. Beautiful just beautiful and also amazing video

  10. Lol my first gf was a kathy nguyen. You r much cooler lol

  11. Your mother actually could be half since it wouldn't necessarily pass on to you as 25%, so congrats on joining the 23 and me family!?

  12. I am waiting for my 23andMe result too, now 23andMe seems to have more detail Asian breakdown like Southeast Asian – show Vietnamese, and Manchurian ,which is the Qing Dynasty of Chinese , than empire race are from North east china

  13. Nice avatar. Were your grandparents from Vietnam? Very interesting results. Thanks for sharing.

  14. We get a random 1/2 of each parents dna. Your moms probably 1/2 Asian but you got more of her Asian genes than European genes. Her dad is probably white.

  15. Great video ?? love the ancestry vids. Subbed ? hope we can support each other.

  16. hey gorgeous new subbie hopefully u can sub me back n we can support eachother❤?

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