Finally ?? My Parents Ancestry DNA results with comparison ??‍♀️?

Finally ?? My Parents Ancestry DNA results with comparison ??‍♀️?

In this video I reveal my mom and dads DNA results and compare them to mine. Now I feel like I’ve come full circle since I have my parents and brothers DNA results to compare.

Link to Brother’s DNA results:

Link to my original DNA video:



  1. here is the oversimplified version of how dna really works. genes don't directly connect to areas on the map, they connect to groups of people who moved around. so your gene might be named "epsa1". no gene is "french" or "irish" or "nigerian" . when they run your dna, they get results like that. then they look to see where they think your "epsa1" came from. they consider other genes that you have, and whether they are in an area with that gene.

    gene 1, gene 2 and gene 3 might be common in england, where gene 1, gene 2 and gene 4 might be more common as a combination in ireland. or europe west, where some of the populations that peopled great britain came from.

    it is possible to download your "raw dna" from ancestry dna and take them to other sites, to see what dna you actually have. some of it will be archaic dna also, like that "epsa1" gene that i mentioned. if you compare the raw data from all 4 members of your family, the mystery should be solved. the discrepancy is most likely in the interpretation of the data. that is the simplest explanation.

    they present the results in terms of area that the combinations might represent, because that is very much more meaningful to most people in the modern world.

  2. was thinking your dad looked like a japanese soldier lol

  3. so there has been two updates since this video how have all your results change?

  4. Your dad look he is part white and part black to me.. my niece is mixed with white and black and she has slanted eyes and she has no Asian in her she is German on her mom's side and on our side there is African Cameroon and Congo and Benin and Togo and English and Welsh on our side

  5. It doesn't appear that either of your parents have Senegal in their profile but you did get Senegal in your profile. Do you know why that is?


  7. Wow that’s impressive that your mom is almost full African! I saw another post that said the Fulani are copper skinned and many Fulani people were enslaved!

  8. The eye shape your father has is most likely from the South African bloodline

  9. well its just like features both your parents may have brown eyes but you came out with hazel because of your grandparent has hazel eyes ,with that being said he picked up more of that from a grandparent most likely great grandparent i tried to explain it best as ik how

  10. Hi Doris i can explain a little.women carry only the (x) Gene which is the MTDNA which she recieved from her mother and her and so on. Because when a women has children if she has a girl its because the man gave her X gene (XX) makes a girl. when she has a Boy the man gave her (Y) gene which make( YX) the she gives birth to a Boy. A Mothers DNA which is called the MTDNA is received from her mother and her mothers mother and so on which is called the maternal line a mother passes this on to her daughter and son But only the Daughter can pass that MTDNA on to her son and Daughter.The Son has the mothers MTDNA and the fathers YDNA, so when he has children he can only pass on the YDNA to his son which is the fathers DNA which is the direct paternal line which is his fathers and his fathers father and so on But the son could never pass on his mothers MTDNA line on to his Son or Daughter,His Daughter will Get her MTDNA from her mother.

  11. Your Father looks very Hunter Gatherer. South African Khoisan People.

  12. There is no one who was born in the US who is 100% any race.
    My grandmother and mother had me believing that I was mixed with African and native American. So not true.
    I'm Congolese, Cameroonian, Senegalese, Ghanaian, European, Nigerian, Malian, Caucasus, Asian Iberian and 1%British

  13. Did u forget about slavery? The slave masters rotates ur Dad mother's tires change the spark plugs, heads lights, the cables or the wires, the antifreeze, oil's, transmission fluids general turn up that 's how ur came to the world.

  14. Each sibling gets 13 cards of dna profile you can get a few different than a full sibling that's normal. I think it's actually more helpful testing multiple siblings.

  15. I cannot give you a good answer about the difference in your brothers results, but I have read that to get a complete picture of your DNA, you (a female) needs to also get a brother tested because his DNA reflects the male ancestors. So I guess the female's results only reflect the female ancestors.

  16. I had that in reverse people asked me if my father was white because my mother is dark skinned and I am light skinned.

  17. It’s very likely that it’s just an issue with the test areas overlapping. Britain and Ireland are so darn close and because of its history there are a lot of genetic invaders that mixed with the population like Scandinavians, Irish, Celts, and Germanic people.

    I had issues with my test overlapping Great Britain and Europe West. I got 31% Great Britain while my mom and my paternal uncle (dad is deceased) only got 6% Great Britain each. So I should only be around 12% to maybe 15% Great Britain. Meanwhile my Europe West was only 14% while my mom had 66% and my Uncle had 14%. So I tell people that they mixed up my Europe West with my Great Britain. Due to these tests being fairly new technology they aren’t as accurate as most would like and while they do technically have a range of what they estimate, they only show people that one number making us think it’s definite, but it isn’t.

    Given your parent’s results you brother should just switch Great Britain with Ireland since mathematically it makes the most sense.

  18. Great video! I can't believe your dad is 60% African. I would have guessed 40-45% max, and maybe 60% European and Asian! You are right, the merged picture looks just like you!

  19. In these tests, what is the degree of confidence? Hmm

  20. I don't want this to sound rude but maybe your bother might be a half brother. I saw a dna test where a woman's half bother came out as her 3rd or fourth cousin. Did it say that you were brother and sister in the results?

  21. Ok Ireland is particularly inhabited by the British learn world history your on the internet look stuff up

  22. There are a lot of factors as many prior comments point out. migration was a lot more jumbled than folks generally realize, and there are many chance factors when it comes to inheriting DNA and how that DNA is manifest into physical traits. I too took the Ancestry DNA test – more for sharing genealogical information than ethnicity but was surprised to find 10% Iberian (Spanish). Have been researching my family tree for 30 years and the nearest Spanish ancestors I could find were in the 1400s (although there could be others hiding). But then I noticed that when you click on the specific ethnic result (10% Iberian), it actually gives you a "range". I learned that although it states I have 10% Spanish, in fact it is the median of between 1-18%. Therefore I suspect the actual percentage is closer to 1-3% Spanish which is more in line with my family tree and I can stop searching for that elusive Spanish ancestor closer to home ha ha. Enjoyed your video.

  23. Ireland is often confused with Great Britain. It is the same for Central Asia and Native American. He should be getting a update from ancestry.

  24. Just so you know, those are countries where majority of slaves came from

  25. Your Dad has features similar to the Khoisan tribe in Southern Africa.

  26. When you make DNA test as a woman you can not check your father's line in deep level, but your brother can. He got some DNA from your father's mother or father more than you. It means that your grand mother and grandfather on your father's side have more british blood in them than your father. The best way to check is ro do your grandparents DNA test if it is possible.

  27. if the DNA results are different between you and your brother maybe you should take them again, or their is another reason, who knows

  28. Also the tests are very accurate. I have been doing my genealogy for years and my Mom did before that ….and without a computer. And my Dad's sister did. And everything is right on as far as what they say I am. But I was so surprised at the % of what I have. Very cool and very surprising. 😀

  29. Well if both of your Parents have any DNA from Great Britain then your Brother picked that DNA out of both of your Parents. Where you did not. My Grandfather is from Sweden…and I got a much smaller % of that than my Sister did. 🙂

  30. Good video. I am over 90% African too. My mom tested 96% African, so we are pretty genetically native. My mom's family is from South Carolina. My dad passed away in 2008, so I was unable to get him tested. I will have my brother tested to at least get a haplogroup and see how we compare. My DNA results are on my YT channel. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Siblings can inherit different "DNA traits" from their parents/ ancestors. So a brother can have a higher percentage of one thing and lower of another than their sibling does. So one person could be 100% asian but heir sibling could have 82% asian aan 18% something else. It just means you inherited something different. We are NOT clones of each other.

  32. U get to pass down those great genes to your kids and grandkids and so on…. God bless

  33. If we have any percentage that is 15% or less And we are African American most likely it was due to rape lets be honest

  34. I doubt seriously the slanted eyes your father has came distinctly from a minute portion of East Asian dna if it was East Asian,….seeing that slanted eyes has long been found indiscriminately all across Sub-Saharan Africa in scattered proportions in literally every country. By the way you never mentioned what sort of Asian dna he had,…West Asian(Middle Eastern, Caucasian,..from Caucasus) or East Asian?

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