Filipino Ancestry DNA Results?

Filipino Ancestry DNA Results?

Filipino DNA Results from Ancestry
Yuri did the DNA test from AncestryDNA. She found out that she is 54% Filipino
35% Polynesian
9% Central Asian

Her family had always said that they were part Spanish. But maybe the DNA test is wrong???

What do you think!?

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  1. Girl you look very Asian!!!! And you sound Asian

  2. Wait, is there really a typical look for a filipino?? For real tho. Not hating but you and your sisters look very filipino to me.

  3. Sorry but they ALL look Asian.
    Go look at Malaysians and Indonesians and many Thais and you see the same features.
    They are all Asians.
    So many Filipinos think or claim they have Spanish blood but there never was a big migration of Spaniards who came to the Philippines unlike to South or Central America….that is why almost no one spoke or speaks Spanish as a native language (unlike in South America) and hardly anyone looks European (unlike in South America).
    In the last part of the Spanish era, only 10% of the population were native speakers of Spanish – that is why the Spanish language/Castellano in the Philippines disappeared from common usage so quickly. In comparison, 95% of Puerto Ricans today still speak Spanish as their native tongue even after 120 years of American jurisdiction.
    Filipinos cling to that delusion of having Spanish blood because they think it gives them "class" or prestige.
    It's just a colonial mentality that Filipinos have even today.

  4. you probably got your central asian gene from a distant northern chinese ancestor since the philippines welcomed tons of chinese immigrants before the spanish even arrived.. be proud of that


  6. Your sister look asians. She doesn’t even look like half Caucasian. What are you talking about?

  7. Sorry girl you have none of the spanish blood ….hahahaha
    Educate yourself first about the history of your origin and ascestorts, so youll learn how to be proud of yourself and your ancestors.
    You want to be spanish learn from history what they did, after stealing the wealth of a country then they run away. Is that the thing you want to be proud of…..
    Wake up, what a shame…..

  8. So sad how ethnically confused the lady is. She and her entire family look Asian, and I can see a hint of Pacific Islander too, but she's unmistakably Filipina.

  9. Yuri & Bruce. Good for you. I did a DNA test a few months ago, and found the largest percentage of my DNA is Irish and German. I was adopted when I was 8, and didn't really know the family history. I didn't learn from my father's side of the tree, but I did learn from my mother''s side. I was able to get in contact with an aunt and learned what happened on that side of the tree. I learned that my mother passed away 10 years ago. I can''t really grieve because she gave me up for adoption when I was 2, so I didn't really know her. I am still looking for answers, but I am glad to know what I do, and I have a lot of new cousins dotted all over the map now. Bruce hopefully you can find your step-sister.

  10. You must realise that when the Spanish came here, the philippines not exist yet, it was just a goup of islands where some tribes live and each of these tribes came from many different countries, like Africa Mongolie indonesia india, the Spanish later united the islands and called it Philippines after their king Philip from Spain, if your interested click this link and find out more about your country,

  11. so many pasties in the comments trying to prove they're spicy.

    my skin is dark brown.

  12. Hardly surprising with Polynesian genes. Malaysians, Filipinos and Polynesians have a common ancestry, and have also been in contact with each other during centuries, so they ought to share some genes.
    South East Asia has also had cultural contacts with India and East Asia. So that she also have ancestry from there is no big surprise either.
    Her Central Asian ancestry can come from East Asia, but some of it can also stem from India. Both those areas has been in contact with Central Asia during long times. South East Asia has seen many complicated migrations in prehistory, and still today they are not completely understood. This has resulted in a rather mixed ancestry for many South East Asians.

  13. "People from Africa…" Common misconception among Filipinos (this is quiet common assumption I don't blame her). The Aetas (the "aboriginal Filipinos") are descended form the first batches of people to leave Africa (ie they're the farthest from modern Africans). Just because they have similar phenotypes = doesn't mean they're "Africans". They are closer related to Papuans, other native SEAsians (other "Negrito groups" in SEAsia like the Orang Asli), Indian Ocean islanders (like Adamanese), Japanese Aborigines (Ainu) and Native Australians albeit their ancestries are so ancient that they don't coincide closely any longer (ie genetic drift) essentially these lines are so ancient that they have their own branches (ie the Negritos groups: Orang Asli of mainland Malaysia and the Filipino Aetas are proven to be genetically different enough). The ancestors in turn of these ancient groups and the ancient ancestors of ancient East Asians (SEAsians and East Asians) are in turn related and broke off somewhere in Central Asia 45-60k years ago.

  14. i would expect her to be like 80% filipina, but she like half? thats a shock more than the region she from. Like i am not surprised she got heritage from South Asia Central Asia Polynesian etc….. i surprised she isnt like 80% filipina…

  15. they say not all siblings are the same. not all kids also gets the parents DNA, maybe their kids will get it. so like, if you're 54% filipino, your sisters can be 30% or 70% filipino, and then you can be 20% polynesian then your sisters can be 0% polynesian but are full siblings. your grandparents can also be like 10% spanish, but you get none. well..that's what they say.

  16. Thank you for sharing

  17. You got the Stan's look, purple shadow gots the Vietnam look, the other one got the Istanbul look.

  18. Yes Filipino get tired about Spaniards That's why Mr. Domingo Fight against Spanish With USA support But he never Think then yankees Gonna kill more than half of the populations of Philippines's Special the people to speak Spanish Now they are so proud about them Thank you Lord

  19. Why all phillipinos wanna be Spanish? THAT'S STUPID, you guys don't even share a long history with Spain, we actually do.

  20. I would love to see purpleshadow do the same test to see what the results are keep up the great videos guys

  21. Have you evert thought of just trying to do your family tree for your grandmother's family and look up documentation?

  22. Try 23andme, more accurate than AncestryDNA. I got central asian on AncestryDNA but on 23andMe i get Iberian. base on the history of the Philippines, AncestryDNA is incorrect. Central Asia is not part of the history of the Philippines.

  23. Filipino`s are Hispanics. The term Hispanic, broadly refers to the people, nations and cultures that have a historical link to Spain. Be proud to be Hispanic.

  24. You should use 23andme .. i like how they break it down for Filipinos.. it wont include any polynesian.

  25. Fun to watch your honest reaction. Good luck on the future research.

  26. Interesting video. Congratulations, Yuri on knowing your DNA ancestry.

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