1. I've always heard that the Spanish Armada was anchored off the coast of Ireland in Elizabethan times and that they came ashore… This might explain the small percentage as it's been diluted over time

  2. Hi Dawn – listening to your videos is heartbreaking but not for the reason you think. I lost my husband last September who had the absolute worst parents – unloving, mean and ungiving people you will ever meet. I deal with them every day because we still live in the same condo building right across the hall from each other. The reason I'm telling you that is that those two people had one of the most amazing kids ever – my husband – who (besides looks) was nothing like them . I know from watching your videos how hard this is for you so my best advice to you is something both my husband and I did and after we just lived OUR lives. We forgave our parents everything! Parents are only as good as their parents and on and on. You truly have to forgive your mom, her friends and anyone else you feel hurt you. People do what they think is best for whatever reason and you have to let that go along with whoever your biological father was. Really who cares! Do you have a great husband and kids? Then don't take another minute of your life away from yourself and them. My husband felt sick on August 23 and was gone on September 22. The last 2 weeks he didn't even know me or his 2 sons, but I know I don't have any regrets and neither do our boys because we loved him, spent time with him and talked every day! I looked up brain fog because I didn't know what it was and I'm so glad to find out that it's not fatal and that it can get better if you know some of the causes (stress, multitasking, food and other allergies). PLEASE take care of YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY and just forgive those in the past – they raised you the only way they knew just like my in-laws raised my husband the way they knew from their parents. After you forgive and let go you'll never break out in hives again! Good luck and you'll be in my prayers! Tina

  3. My family is Irish and my grandad always used to tell a story that ships from the Spanish armada where stranded/wrecked on the southern irish coast. He said a lot of the Spaniards settled in Ireland and married irish women and this is why a lot of southern irish people have Spanish blood. Spain was invaded by the moors (north african) which is why there is a difference between southern and northern Spanish genes. However all Europeans came from Africa. If you look at genetic history homosapians started in Africa and moved north through turkey and Italy. Some dna tests now also show they integrated with neanderthals. Off shoots are blue eyes come from Turkey and is usually a sign you can digest lactose. Red hair and strong brow bones have been linked to neanderthals.

  4. It's been awhile since you have updated. I was thinking about you saying that you haven't been able to find candidate #3 on ancestry. Also the comment about your mom being attracted to convicts or something to that effect. Have you looked for old prison records or arrest records. They are public information. That is how i found my mothers grandfather was through a prisoner search through ancestry. That record was from 1920 though. It is harder to get more recent stuff because of the privacy laws. Check newspapers.com for police reports. Good luck honey and keep us updated. My brother is in the same boat. Our mom took that secret with her when she died and it's just bullshit to hide that important info from him.

  5. Black irish, that's probably where we come from. 1% is far back, so the trade between Ireland and Iberia makes sense. This is so interesting! Luck & love.

  6. I don't know exactly what your african ancestry is, but I highly doubt it has nothing to do with Iberia. About the mixed, yes, there was mixed, but very very little one, hard to believe your african link has something to do with Iberia at all.

  7. What you're doing is so important, and I commend you for it! I myself am in the same type of situation and circumstances. I am in the beginning of my unknown fathers where abouts. Waiting on the DNA results and hints. But, I'm still trying to figure out how I will sift out my maternal line to find my  paternal lines side. I hope I will continue to learn and find what I am searching for. Do not give up on your quest. We need to support each other on this truly unfair journey. Keep it up 🙂

  8. Don't give up Dawn! You will find out who he his! Best Wishes!

  9. I hope you find your truth soon, I can not imagine the heartbreak your going through. But I can relate to your anger over the lies. Stay strong and beautiful.

  10. Iberian Peninsula is Spain and Portugal. While some get North African and some North African's get Iberian due to history as they aren't that far away, Spaniards and Portuguese aren't African though, they are Europeans and the northern Spaniards actually get a lot of Irish and many get a lot of Italian with little to no African (more so in southern Spain, though usually not a whole lot), depending on the region. I am part Hispanic by the way on my dad's side and gotten very little African and 1% of it probably had nothing to do with the Spanish coming over to the Americas since it really isn't from North Africa and only gotten 2% African (one of which is North African. Most of all my none European DNA is Native American) in total; but gotten a high about of Irish and Italian along with Iberian when it came to the European DNA on that side and most records said my ancestors had a long history in Spain (there could be some missing info on some of grandparent's side but the records would probably be in Mexico or some other country, so I may never know), mostly from northern Spain like from Galicia). My close cousins on my dad's side gotten similar results (the only difference is I gotten more Great Britain with some Europe West and Scandinavian as that comes from my mom's side).

    Many people from Ireland and the U.K. will have traces from Iberia and Italy. I just wanted to clearly that and make some corrections. Since you only gotten 1% which is the typical amount of trace region people of Irish and British descent get, it is probably ancient and most likely from that side. Many African Americans also get Irish and British as many are mixed (goes back during slavery times which I am sure we all know what happened. Many Irish were also slaves or so called indentured servants). That will explain more of African American matches, especially since you don't seem to have any African in your DNA.

  11. I am going to keep you in my prayers. I know where you are coming from.

  12. I didn't find out who my "real" father was until I was 25. I will be 45 in three weeks. I had no connection with the man I thought was my father. He was not a good father figure so I chalked the disconnect up to that. However, after learning the truth I realized why we never clicked. I'm praying you find the answers you're seeking.

  13. I have African descendant cousins also that I share DNA with because my Caucasian great aunt had children with an African American man. Those children are my first cousins once removed. (No longer children!) don't have African DNA though. The part I share with them is from my great aunt. You know what I mean? Either way you are beautiful and I hope you get the answer you are looking for!

  14. I too will follow you. I have a red headed niece that has a temper. But she good people like you appear to be. Don't give up.

  15. I'm sorry people are being nasty to you.  You are adorable and courageous.  Keep looking, you'll find him.

  16. Hey, I suppose you know that because some of your recent ancestors are from a certain area means that is what you are. People have always migrated. Also we have 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents 16 great great grandparents, 32 3rd grandparents 64 4th grandparents and 128 5th grandparents etc etc. So you see that many many people make up your DNA. The USA was formed by immigrants and especially Irish and Great Britain, so I would not eliminate someone because their recent heritage is from a particular country or reason.

    Africa is not a country. It is a contininat with many, many countries. North Africa is close to the Iberian Peninsular. Many of our forefathers intermixed with African slaves so it is not unusual to have shared DNA with the descendants of West Africa.

    If you have not uploaded a family tree from your Mom's side, I would do so. People have contacted me trying to find their ancestors but I have never heard of them but I know we are related. It may take a while but if you could get a match with a 3rd cousin that you have no idea who they are, communicating with them might help because the trees sometimes are no help at all. I would also download your DNA to family tree for maybe $39.00, you might find out more.

    I wish you luck

  17. Ignore the haters hon! And I will keep praying for you and that you find out who your father is.

  18. Wishing you the answer! I'm having a very tough time finding out if my Irish great-grandparents had the names my grandmother, an 'orphan', was given. One point: because we're taking descent, not modern nations, in genetic terms 'Irish' often means Scottish. I've lots of US cousins, including African-American, via Scots who migrated to southern parts of '13 colonies'.

  19. Dawn ! Try the Census – 1940 is out – for last names. Irish/English naming conventions were to name sons after grandfathers and Grand uncles. Also old telephone books ( local library) Newspapers ( crime reporting) and HS yearbooks. Best of luck in your search.

  20. Our prayers are with you in your journey for answers.Looking forward to more updates on your father. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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