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  1. You're definitely racially ambiguous. Jewish people can definitely look ambiguous as well. The migrations of Jewish people go from Ethiopia and all through the Meditteranean.

  2. She looks levantine (syrian,palestinian, lebanese, etc.) which is what the ancient jews looked like and genetically cluster with and considering that she is Jewish, her results completely make sense.

  3. I got my DNA results back today and it is almost identical to yours w/o the 2% African. I was adopted and have no idea who my family was. I am 49% European Jewish, 48% east European, 3% Turkish.

  4. put her next to a pure negroid and see if they look like each other

  5. Jews have curly hair and she's basically half jewish so thats where the curly hair comes from it isnt the blackness

  6. 2 percent lol girl more like 20 percent she just dont wanna be black with that hair and the bone structure

  7. Mix couples say that culture and hertige is not important except love. So when they give up their race and culture for mix merriage and pleasure and than saying that we all are humans so what is the point to dig where your DNA is coming from. Just declare yourself as human and that is it. To be part of some culture it takes more than only DNA. This is the music, religion, food, history, bloodline, same jokes, same stories…etc. You have to be a part from early childhood of certain culture to get all of this.

  8. Lmao beauty is beauty.. embrace you blackness comfortably and blame those who created the concept of race firstly ( one drop rule..:-))

  9. I met Eli too in middle school he cams to talk to us at school

  10. Nofap was out the window instantly did work quick girl is hella fine

  11. You are very pretty but you need to cover those milk jugs, they make me thirsty.

  12. For all of you who are insisting this woman is black, forget it ! Jews from the middle East tend to have curly hair, and darker skin ! As far as her claim being 7th Cousin to President Obama, DON'T FORGET PRESIDENT OBAMA IS HALF FUCKING WHITE ! FURTHERMORE, none of President Obama's family were slaves in the U.S. ! His father was from Africa, and all of his father's family are from Africa which means NONE of America's African SLAVE population were related to President Obama however, it is completely possible that his white mother's family owned slaves…. President Obama was the first biracial President in the U.S. but he HAS ZERO CONNECTION WITH COLONIAL AMERICA ! MY GUESS IS THAT THIS WOMAN IS RELATED (IF TRUE) TO PRESIDENT OBAMA'S WHITE MOTHER'S SIDE! PRESIDENT OBAMA'S BLACK FAMILY SIDE ARE MUSLIM, AND WE ALL KNOW THAT MUSLIMS, AND JEWS HAVE NEVER BEEN HOMEBOYS/GIRLS

  13. I am 1/2 Tunisian Jewish/ half European Jewish.

    She looks so similar to Moroccan Jewish women….so fkn HOT.

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