DNA Ethnicity | Now What Am I?! | Ancestry Improved Results

DNA Ethnicity | Now What Am I?! | Ancestry Improved Results

I took a DNA test a few years back and as ancestry has been running a good few years now – Through the amount of samples they’ve received they’ve been able to improve and simplify their technology. My results brought me back to square one. Cool! (PS, tried a new eye serum. It’s great and works for some but it hated me and made my eyes red and puffy. I swear my results didn’t make me cry.)



  1. My results changed, & I have to say I feel more confused by the changes because my mom's family name comes from one line of people that were originally on my results, I was told this is what we are (Kind of hard to refute w/ the name, & mom's DNA confirmed it), & I had some of that DNA in the previous results, but now with the recent updates, those results got left off entirely …& I'm like…What???

    We have this family name & we had the DNA. Certain things I knew already, & those got refined, I suppose, but as for the ones that got dropped…?

    I actually liked it the way it was before. Now I don't like it. I wouldn't recommend it. Don't do AncestryDNA. I am disappointed to say the least.

  2. As an European yeah I find that DNA mania such a weird thing. Evan thou my country is 900 years old, and I'm genetically a lot diferent from norm here

  3. Mine is pretty accurate as well, 69% Ireland/Scotland, 27% England/North Western Europe and surprisingly 4% Sweden!!??

  4. Neat….you look like what you say…to me. I"m 25% Italian ( from Selerno) and 25% Welsh. The Welsh are or were left with a little Roman influence after the Romans left also…if I'm not mistaken.

  5. I grew up being mostly German, and “Heinz 57” in my grandfather’s words…..now I know its mostly English, some German and French….so European. Now I’m going to have to do this to find out for sure!

  6. Both my parents came from the same town in Abruzzo, Italy, so my immediate ancestry is not a mystery.

    But I want to take this test to uncover my remoter ancestry. I know one branch of the family came from Milan. But there's a ton of evidence that points to the former Yugoslavia too. There are a lot of Albanian settlements in my family's area of Italy.
    A good friend of mine, whose family is from Calabria, Italy, too one of these tests and to his shock found out that he has some IRANIAN connections!! One of them a 4th and 5th cousin! He has NO clue how they got there.

  7. Did you say at some point that part of your family is from Cosenza? That would make you part Calabrese, as well as Sicilian.

  8. My family took the test and we’re pretty amazed by the results. My mom (who’s all four of her grandparents came from Italy) turned out to be 45% in the initial results but is now 66% French and only 14% Italian. I now have zero Italian results. Looks like this is because her family is from the north so really DNA is a funny thing…northern Italy is genetically entwined with its neighbors so her DNA and culture don’t match.

  9. Mine have changed from making sense to not making any sense. I have a Turkish ancestor and the old result showed it as a mixture of Middle East/Caucasus/Italy/Iberian Peninsula at a total of 14%. Now I'm none of that but I'm 7% Norwegian which is strange because I have absolutely no ancestor from Norway. My English went up from only 10% to 70% now and my Irish dropped down to only 23% now. My paper trail where I have researched my family tree for a decade and combined with my aunt's research shows I'm English, Irish, Turkish, and Scottish.

  10. I just looked at my new results, and it changed a lot. Not sure how I feel about it.

  11. 65% England, Wales, and Northwestern Europe
    21% Native American-North,Central, South
    5% Ireland and Scotland
    1% Basque
    1% Germanic Europe
    1% Italy
    1% Senegal
    1% Native American- Andean
    1% Nigeria
    1% France
    1% Mali

  12. I'm Czech-American, but I took a DNA ancestry test in 2014, and it indicated that I had Irish, Serbian, and Greek. ?? Either way, I'm 100% Goth. That is certain. ❤?

  13. Yeah, exactly. I knew the gist of what I was, but even then the details get fuzzy, there are rumours(like maybe your one great grandma was Norwegian) but you don't know. Especially my paternal side as they were largely illiterate and extremely poor until my grandparents generation. I never knew the details, like, well how English am I? How Irish or French? But now I have a better idea and I honestly did not know I had such a strong connection to the Scottish Highlands until I did Ancestry because my mom wasn't that interested in looking into it, her dad was but he died when I was little. I think it's so cool to know that. Here I was in 2014 watching Outlander, not even thinking about how I had ancestors who could've been Jacobites and fought in those battles. Also, nearly every test told me I had some North African or Middle East in me, definitely from my Portuguese great grandparent, but I never would have even thought about it before. I am not claiming non European cultural heritage but it's cool to realize hundreds of years ago I had an ancestor from those places.

  14. I spoke to AncestryDNA customer service and I was told that we should expect another round of updates/changes coming…. they're not finished adding additional blood-samples and improving their technology algorithm…. I was told that we shouldn't become so attached, because some new updates is in our future…. I decided that I'm unhappy with these 'constant' changes and have deleted my subscription/account.

  15. When I first saw the intial ancestry video of yours I had no idea or was expecting what your DNA results were. So I was pleasantly surprised to know you have filipino heritage. I had just recently gone on YouTube (I mean I have been on YouTube for awhile, but…) specifically to look for goth youtubers to see what the scene is like on this platform. I am from the Philippines, grew up in the 90's and discreetly identified as goth, discreet – because it's not really a recognised or accepted culture back then, and is still misunderstood now. I never really bothered keeping up to date with the goth community online, but when I did, what are the odds I find your channel, and relate to you a lot. Thanks for the videos. I've watched most of them now I think.

  16. That is amazing! They even have the percentages pretty close to your actual make up. Very beautiful woman by the way. I could certainly see the Italian, but not so much the Filipino but you are mostly Italian after all so that makes sense.

  17. I have like NO IDEA what I really am! I know that I'm part German off of my dad's side but we're not sure what else & my older sister is doing research on our genealogy. On my mom's side we THINK we're either French or French Canadian & some type of Native American but my maternal grandmother was adopted by her aunt after her mother passed away when she was a few weeks old so we have no idea at all.

  18. I am not going to take the test because eugenics is still a problem as far as I can tell and I do not want to contribute to genetic research.

  19. Mine changed pretty dramatically. I went from about 20% Iberian to 3% (and I'm half Mexican! My father is from Mexico, his whole family is from there, my last name is Spanish, so why do I have only 15% Native and 3% Iberian?). I also went from 7% Scandinavian to 0%, even though my great (or was it great) grandfather on my mother's side came from what was at the time Prussia (which included Denmark). I'm pissed! Lol

  20. My updated results has me more confused. I'm Hispanic and before I had 3% British and now it says 26% England, Wales and Northwestern Europe, which is now my biggest percentage. This suggests that a had one grandparent from that part of the world which is completely inaccurate.

  21. Love you Angela! I did mine too and now I know why I have a hard time staying pale in the summer, which I know you can relate to lol.

    My results were shocking but not shocking at the same time. I expected to be more British like most other white people here in the southern appalachians but I only got 2%, and I knew I was mixed but it turned out I'm more native American than I thought, I got 27% native American and also 8% sub Saharan African. The African/Black isn't surprising at all though because I'm from the south and.. well.. history.
    Aside from a 1% east Asian which is probably from the native American, the rest is mainly French and German with a smidge of middle eastern and European Jewish, so I'm a little bit of everything. ?
    The dark side to these tests is, it leaves you wanting more and for native people, forced assimilation and colonization all but erased many of their respective identities. So I may never know anything about my indigenous ancestors which is sad.

  22. You should do a video on early 2000s goths. It was a bad time.

  23. For some reason every girl with a mix of european and filipino are astonishing

  24. You are mostly European though little percentage of Asian u got doesn't change anything

  25. I can't stop crying right now. I know that this is COMPLETELY off topic but…If you live in Hull, Québec Canada, like, RIGHT NOW, there's a tornado warning. The trees in the parking lot boomed and fell down. Five minutes later and I'm STILL crying My eyes out. I've never been in a tornado before. I ran to the library, watching the sky, and then it rained and the wind hit. I still have tears streaming down My face. May the skies have mercy… Blessed be! ??

  26. You look very white for a mostly Italian and a Filipino girl

  27. Was guessing some Italian or American Indian and other European. Part right, don't recall seeing other test.
    Without testing, my grandmother was from a tribe starting with a C, and I'm part English, Scottish, Polish and German. A mutt. My cousin swiped all the family Indian photos when she passed. Upset me. Would have liked to have at least one. A death leech is what I call someone that grabs as much as possible when someone dies like my brother in law. Makes real good money like 160k a year or more and my mother in laws stuff was supposed to go to my niece that needed her own place and a better car. Her last wishes ignored by a greedy sob.

  28. I didn't know anything about the update until your video lol. Though I was born in America, my England percentage went from 54% to 67%! I was like, what? Seriously? My brothers both had 50+% for Germany before the update. I need to ask and see what it is now.

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