Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo

Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe) | Jenny Lorenzo

After what seems to have been a thousand years, I finally got around to spitting in a tube and getting my ancestry DNA results from 23andMe!

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  1. MORE NEWS, GUYS! 23 & Me is constantly updating and improving upon their database. So now I can see more details within my percentages. So far I can see that out of my 71.6% Iberian, I am more Portuguese than Spanish. And within my 1.4% Native American, I am mostly Cuban. Followed by Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, Dominican, Mexican and Colombian. My parents, grandparents and some great grandparents were born in Cuba of predominantly Spanish descent. But in some other time, I also have Native American roots in the countries mentioned which is pretty cool!

  2. I rlly want to learn about my past idk like my mom side is ecuadorian and in Ecuador a long time ago they had slavery so I want to know if my 50x great grandparents were slavery and my dad side is dominacan republic and in Dominican republic I learned that Dominican republic use to be apart of another country so I'm not sure!!! But I rlly want to know

  3. Bet you have rare rh neg. blood.
    Order an Eldon card, to find out what your blood type is, costs about $12 bucks.
    You'll be 100% intrigued.

  4. Where does that .2% sub Saharan African DNA realistically come from? The moors?

  5. I found i was also mostly europen like 89% with the rest beeing feom north africa & the middle east( probably lebonises from phonicans & moracan from atlas mountins that invaded spain ) . like yourself i had large amounts of iberian then irish also Sephardic jewish , French/german , greek . other then having some gypsy from the south of spain according to my grans mother we where as white as the conquistadors

  6. 62% England, Wales, & NW Europe. 22% Scotland and Ireland. 9% French. 4% Norway. 3% Germanic europe

  7. White latinas be like “I’m Native American but I’m 99% white”

  8. The Caribbean is one big melting pot and her family barely mingled with the Natives or the Africans. I smell 500 years of racist family members. SMH.

  9. si vedda…tu tienes la frente media neantheralian..

  10. Mines say im 70% central american 23 eruopean and 5% arab

  11. I came out 10% native from Puerto Rico and was so happy. A surprisingly amount of African heritage too, which also made me happy. Now I get to prove my gringo boyfriend that I'm only whiter than him on the outside. ?

  12. If you have Spanish ancestry it’s very likely you have “Irish” or “British” blood. Spain is pretty much mixed with all of Western Europe and Northern Africa. Celtic people invaded Spain at one point. Black Irish people are actually descendants of Spaniards. Also, i went to Cuba recently and learned that at one point Cuba was colonized by Britain. They started the cañonazos in Havana. A Mexican friend of mine took a DNA test and she scored about 10% Arab. So if you’re Latino you’re pretty much a wild card.

  13. lol i got 75% spa8n. 4% jewish 4% scandanavian 7 % 3 % british isles. north african 4% 3% west africa but 100% cuban lol

  14. I took one of those tests and found out that I am 45% East Asian, 5% Polynesian, 30% African and 20% European. The East Asian and Polynesian comes from my mom who is Chinese (raised in Indonesia) and the funny thing is I moved to China last year! It's funny how life works.

  15. Puerto Rican; I came out with 33% Italy/Greece, 22% Ireland, 9% Iberian, 4% Scandinavia
    16% Americas
    16% Africa(11% Senegal, 4% North African, 1% Nigerian)

  16. Iberia was one of the last region of Europe reached by anatomically modern humans, and therefore also one of the last stronghold for Neanderthals. Modern humans are thought to have reached Iberia from France approximately 28,000 years ago. The last pure Neanderthals may have survived until 24,000 years ago around Gibraltar. The skull of a 4 year-old Neanderthal boy displayed signs of hydridisation bewteen Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. It is now known that all modern Europeans and Asians carry a few percent's of Neanderthalian DNA due to such hybridisation.

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