1. iran is geographically middle eastern,but genetically categorised as Caucasus as turkey,lebenan and Syria and part of iraq.middle east genetic is different

  2. since when is the UAE north africa? 23 and me is looking pretty shady

  3. I'm African American and I got 3% egyptian. Does anyone know how that could have mixed up? No one else I know had that and theyre African American too.

  4. T2b, so you're a neanderthal? The aboriginal egyptians are haplogroups L or M, if you're neither, then you're imported from the caucasus.

  5. I know why you have J1e. There was a huge population of Jews in Alexandria who in turn converted hence why you have that component.

  6. Don’t worry about the Middle East part because in the dna chart Egypt is in Middle East too i have done it too and iam 81% North African and 12% Middle Eastern and my site called myheritage.com visit it and u will find Egypt in the Middle East chart so u r basically 98% because u r coptic and i am nearly 93% cause i am Muslim

  7. maybe because Coptic is a religion not a race ? and maybe their is Muslim Egyptian that they are more Egyptian then you ?
    just maybe

  8. The ancient Egyptians came from the Levant/Middle East and settled in North Africa. This is a scientific fact. They were Arab before arabs were called Arab!


  10. What is North African? Most of the their are NOT actually African. What is "Middle Eastern"? all of the populations mentioned are not anthropological. What were your mtDNA haplogroups?

  11. Nubian they sub Saharan Africa amizath and Berber and Middle East.

  12. Interesting. Nubians and Sudanese people in general score as North-African (which they are) on 23 & me.

  13. I am 1% North African…. but I think that's because of my Iberian DNA and the fact that they were invaded by the moors

  14. you have haplogroup j1 you are sumerian ancestry. because sumerian migrated african 8000 years haplogroup j is sumerian not sémites. they are white and bkack people have haplogroup j

  15. Egyptians showing western Asian dna could be the results of people from western Asia back migrating into Africa during the paleolithic stone age about 40,000 years ago. These migrants entered Africa through Egypt. This could explain why Eurasian dna is showing up in some recently tested mummies from ancient Egypt.

    Palaeolithic migration:


    Middle kingdom mummy shows Eurasian DNA:


  16. Well, if your brother tested positive for Y DNA haplogroup J1e, that means yours and his paternal line came to Egypt from South West Asia – J1e is very common in The Levant and The Arabian Peninsula. Ultimately, its ancestor J1-M267, comes from the South Caucasus region. Your own mtdna T also originates in the Near East. Egypt posses the most amount of South West Asian (Middle Eastern) admixture of all North African countries, which is no surprise, give Egypt's geographical location – there was no Suez Canal back then, there were bi-directional population movements, people migrated from the Near East into North Africa and also migrated from North Africa into Eurasia, crossing the Nile, in either direction wasn't too difficult, so there you go.

  17. Wtf… people like Saudi Arabs are a sample to North Africa, but not for the Middle-East? Lol, this test is less accurate and more buIIshit than I ever imagined.

  18. I'm not surprised tbh, some ancient mixes occured and were a hub, but 76% north african means you're african habibi

  19. what is weird is that they listed the gulf countries as north African when they are middle eastern

  20. Now I want to what the Egyptian DNA is? Is she now a native Egyptian? and Why?

  21. Hi Sarah, I am also a Coptic Egyptian! I just got my results from Ancestry DNA and I am so confused! if you could help me out, that would be great! let me know how I can contact you 🙂

  22. Persia what you don't seem to understand like most idiots today that the original Egyptian was ran out of Egypt so course dumbass she wouldn't have any African blood in her DNA test result y'all swear want everything in the face of this planet to be white boys almost every culture got you gots in them so shut fuck up pussey.

  23. Thanks for sharing. I wonder why not more Egyptians put their DNA on youtube. Since you are Coptic, I would expect high original Egyptian DNA from Ancient Egypt but the companies doing these tests are not being fair and they dont want to separate the arabian from the african dna.

  24. My parents think we are 100% Egyptian but I don't think we are and I don't like to be pureblood it would be cool if I got European or Asian.

  25. The fact that Arabs aren't always Muslims is a surprising to alot of people in fact most north Africans were Berbers and either Jewish or Christian before the Arabs took over and alot of northern Arabs were Christian before Islam took over ie the Levant ( Lebanon, Syria, Jordan ,Israel)and Egypt,Sudan, Ethiopia were all Christian before Islam overwhelmed them

  26. DNA sub Saharan Africa amizath and Berber and Middle East.

  27. I don't think the ancestry companies even have a sample of Coptic DNA, because if they did, the algorithms should have put that at the top of your list. It wasn't even mentioned in there amongst the other populations.

  28. I thought, north african and middle eastern are have same dna, did they change it, I always see they are saying Middle East and North Africa.

  29. Thanks for sharing your result, me too I am a Coptic Egyptian girl and I believe that my result will be kinda same as yours. BTW the 23 and me test where may I do here at Egypt and how much does it cost? thanks

  30. They're are some Arabs who living in Egypt are claiming they are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians lol

  31. she is not ancient egypt coz arab people come to africa 2000 years ago they are from midle east. egypt ancient is nubi so they will back to midle east one day

  32. Sarah, you are the descendant of the ancient Egyptians! Being a Copt, I’m sure you know of Egyptian identity among your people related to being the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. You have a proud history spanning 6000 years. Congrats on the confirmation.

  33. I'm confused about Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco being north Africa. I would say that Tunisia is north, but Morocco and Algeria would be north west Africa. Morocco is literally on the other side of the map and is connected to the western Sahara. Algeria is directly next to that.

  34. I am Nubian from North of sudan .My DNA 43 sub Saharan means amazth and Berber.

  35. The ME component could also be from an ancient Ethiopian or Eritrean Coptic Orthodox ancestor especially if the he was ethnically a Semitic Habasha native (explaining the J1 haplogroup which is very common in the Horn of Africa). Historically they were a pure Semitic group in Africa and not mixed with Cushtic or Hametic groups. I noticed many Egyptian Copts downplay the existence of Orthodox Habasha blood and intermarriages.

  36. The middle Eastern part should be Jewish i think since anvient egyptians are very connected to Jews

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