“Cherokee” Ancestry

“Cherokee” Ancestry

The genetic realities behind the Cherokee myths.
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  1. but just because you have some nagive dont mean you was first native…or is native descent inreality because some hold the mother to child blood type , and some the father to child descent blood type which is the (Y ) …..just because you have native dont make you nagive or descent from it , most of the small % are pass down from other people who happend to have a but and tjey got it from a person got it the same , that happend to have abit and so on and never had the half or full blood family and they always had other thing higher the. the native . you all still have lot to learn .

  2. I think It's safe to say that my great grandfather as a Cherokee is pretty legit, considering his family cursed him for not marring a native 😛

  3. i am also part cherokee indian (eastern band) and have plenty of records and dna to prove this but, you must understand that 23 and me and ancestry dna dont test tribes in the usa they test tribes in mexico and south america basically latin american countries so if you don't show as "native american" on your test from those companies that means you dont have the native american dna that their reference population or panel represents. However if you show up as native american then you may have native mexican or south american dna. If there's a person trying to find out if they have cherokee choctaw or any usa native american tribe dna ancestry dna and 23 are not the tests that you want to get.

  4. alot of the Cherokees in Oklahoma are very little native because thier last full ancestors where 5 and 6 generations back im Cherokee but im from the Eastern band Cherokee in North Carolina im 1/4 i did a test threw ancestery my DNA came back over 20 % native american

  5. This is a really informative video.Thank You for placing it here.GEDmatch shows my Amerindian at 0.61 – African at 1.10 – Oceanic 0.40 – Iran-Mesolithic 3.13 – Basal 2.71. The rest is European. 8% of who I am genetically is a mystery to me. Still trying to figure out how this took place historically.All my family claimed Irish,French and British with a bit of American Indian only.

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