Can DNA from genealogy sites solve murder cases?

Can DNA from genealogy sites solve murder cases?

Police in Washington State made an arrest in a 30-year-old double murder case, thanks to the use of DNA… but this wasn’t your ordinary crime scene investigation. Expert genealogist CeCe Moore explains how she helped police identify the accused killer, by using DNA data found on the database of an ancestry site. And it could be a game changer for how police solve cold cases in the future.
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  2. If people can use Facebook…Instagram amd My Space to track old friends and family … shoot the breeze ..catch up…and meet up….then this should be OKAY TOO …to SOLVE CRIME !!!!!

  3. I'm very OK with using any public information database to catch a killer or rapist. DNA site, Facebook, Twitter, etc. doesn't matter. If it gives police a means to narrow the suspect pool, I'm all for it. These departments all did additional police work to corroborate the evidence and make an arrest.

  4. DNA shouldn't be allowed as evidence in any court room since random DNA exists everywhere and on every thing !

  5. I sure hope not, genetic information should not be for sale to or used by the government without explicit written consent. Regardless of circumstances.

  6. If they wanted to catch more killers, maybe they should keep it a secret instead of showing it on news how they were caught.

  7. there should be a firewall between data gathered in the private sector and government agencies.

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