1. Most British people are from Norway it's obvious he's really from Norway so is the lady to the left white people like me are Norwegian you watch a video of Norway. .
    dna test are purposefully hazy

  2. You should recheck your results, they've all been updated

  3. Mine is 55.5% West European(Dutch German) 34% Scandinavia (Denmark) 10.5 England. (did not say were in the UK

  4. I sent in my dog's DNA… Turns out she's my mother! ?

  5. you win some you lose some? wtf is that supposed to mean? sorry if your somehow disappointed but most people along with myself, see celts as a beautiful and quite diverse culture coming from spain, Scythians, clans and alot of oral legends and stories, be proud of your heritage!~

  6. Your accent just breathtaking damn just love your English.

  7. Communication skills level: More than normally confused Pisces.

  8. Mine’s
    45% Southern European (34% Iberian)
    35% Native American
    4% Cameron / Congo
    3% North African
    2% European Jewish
    2% Middle East
    2% Great Britain (so hai shisters ??‍♂️)
    1% Finland
    1% Nigeria

  9. This guy want to be German so bad and he end up been Jewish hahaha ,his face got so disappointed.. lol

  10. The girl is as English as anyone can wish ..Anglo saxons came from northern and northwest Europe ..and north England is one of the first Saxon settled are so very very englishhh ..and guy is typical person from Britain mix of celts and Germanic people

  11. I believe some of my British DNA was read as Scandinavian, that is where most of Britains population comes from as well as German with the Anglo-saxons. Also jordanne could definitely pass for German or Scandinavian, and also one of my German ancestors surname was gott. I always here a lot of people say that the origin of your surname is the ethnicity that you mostly consist of but most of the time that's not true, my last name is Moore which is an northern English and Scottish surname but my main ethnicity is German or about 45% of my DNA is german.

  12. DNA goes much further back then 1500, more like 50000 years!

  13. Wow I'm more British then you and I was born in the state of New Hampshire Usa interesting because my relatives come from county cork Ireland hm did you Brits invade southern Ireland. Hail Henry 8th

  14. You live in North Yorkshire?

  15. I'm 5th Generation Texan and my results were 82% Great Britain. I have more British than you two and I've never even been to Britain. LOL. those tests are pretty cool, though.

  16. His grandfathers are probably rolling in their graves, having fought, perhaps lost their lives for this idiot to sit around and whine that he's too British, and not as German as he hoped. Disgraceful.

  17. I'm from Hull, close to Wensleydale. My Grandma's maiden name is Metcalf and she lives in Beverley! Maybe we're distantly related?! I used 23andme not ancestry but how cool

  18. i would highly suggest that you take the living DNA, they are a British based company and they can break down your English into sub-regions. I had the same 44 percent west Europe from Ancesry DNA, but when i took Living DNA and was compared to the other British testers, the majority of the 44 percent was actually southern English and i was only 11 northern France. living DNA breaks it down much better, they even have a sub region break down which breaks up the different areas in England, like most of mine English DNA was south eastern England and and north and south Yorkshire. So check them out if you are Irish, English or Scot their results are much more definitive.

  19. Oh my god finally I found smart people that know what their talking about. Usually when I watch videos like this people are so ignorant when it comes to Spaniards. I’m glad you guys aren’t ignorant about Spaniards and know that the original celts are the Spaniards. I’m mostly Spanish, Irish, and Italian? and great results to both ??

  20. And the Celtic people are the shit!!! How many countless invasions have they survived and they still remain the dominating Genetic makeup of the area?

  21. This dude looks Irish/Welsh AF! lol… I see the western Europe just a little.

  22. Royalty or the Trumps aren't likely to have their results available for matching, they have too much to lose, Royalty's position is based on the notion that they are different, sort of pedigree, otherwise they just turn into a sort of Reality TV show and Trump wouldn't want anything in his results that might upset his base voters.

  23. Cool results guys, I got 87% Ireland/Scotland/Wales. 3% Iberian peninsula, 3% Caucasus West Asian, 2% Italy/Greece, 2% Great Britain, 2% Europe West, 1% European Jewish. Your 41% Europe West either comes from the Normans who are descended from the Vikings who took over England in 1066 AD. Or it could also be from the Anglo Saxons who where Germanic tribes from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands who also invaded and settled in England after they forced the Roman's out of Britain. Even the English language was influenced by the Saxons so the English language is actually a Germanic language as certain English words are actually quite similar to other Germanic languages. Even the name England is an Anglo Saxon name in old English meaning (Angle land) as their where 3 types of Saxons (Saxons, Jutes and Angles).

  24. Hello guys how are you? I hope your having a great day!! I took an ancestry dna test and when I got my results back it showed that I’m 39% British, 24% Western Europe, 9% Scandinavian, 8% Spainish, 4% Irish , 4% European Jewish, 3% Eastern European, 2% Finnish, 3% Italian And 3% Caucasus

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