1. Cool results. My mom's Korean and my dad's European-American (mostly Scots-Irish and English).
    My results are:
    45% Korea and Northern China
    26% England, Wales and Northwestern Europe
    16% Ireland and Scotland
    8% Germanic Europe
    5% Japan

  2. You're very white passing but this is interesting to see ❤️

  3. "Hey" cousin, I thought you would have African as well; still a great mixture and thanks for sharing.

    The following are mine:

    Initial Test:

    20% Cameroon/Congo
    18% Ivory Coast/Ghana
    16% Ireland/Scotland/wales
    11% Scandinavia
    10% Africa Southeastern Bantu
    6% Great Britain
    6% Nigeria
    5% Benin/Togo
    3% Africa North
    2% Melanesia
    1% Senegal
    1% Europe West
    1% Iberian Peninsula


    36% Cameroon/Congo (increased)
    16% Ireland/Scotland (remained the same)
    15% England, Wales & Northwestern E. (more specific)
    14% Benin/Togo (increased)
    12% Ivory Coast/Ghana (reduced)
    5% Norway (refined from Scandinavia) NEW
    1% Native American (N. Central, S.)  NEW
    1% Germanic Europe  NEW

    As most blacks in Amerikkka our Y chromosome will trace back to Europe or some kind of white nation and our X chromosome will go directly to mother Africa.  Yes the widespread rape on both sides of my families and other sides are the reasons for the European connection.  My Y chromosome went specifically to Ireland/Scotland/Wales and X chromosome went specifically to Cameroon/Congo..

  4. If your ancestors' surname was "Van Huis" or whatever you said, it's neither German nor Polish (btw please learn how to pronounce "German" and "Polish" properly), but Dutch. They were probably Dutch, which means: from the Netherlands.

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