After recieving the MOST SHOCKING Ancestry DNA results last week I did some digging…and in a matter of 48 hours all of our questions were answered. We found my Dad’s biological father and learned the truth about everything. Watch to the end to see the photos!!!

If you haven’t seen my full DNA results STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! And Watch this!!!

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  1. Wow there is a strong resemblance between all 3 of you. How did your father make it to the US?

  2. I totally believe in life after death. If you ever feel something strange happening like someone is watching you but no one is there or you find a lot pennies on the ground, or have a butterfly land on you etc. etc. it may be your real grandpa. If you' want to contact your grandpa on the other side + know what I'm talking about watch some videos by Lisa Williams, Colin Fry,, John Edwards, James Van Praagh,or any other psychic mediums who talk to the dead. Your father could actually talk to his father someday!

  3. Awesome story! I had a similar experience when I joined My maternal grandfather and his twin sister were put up for adoption as babies after their mom died during their birth. All we knew was his birth name was Carpenter. We knew nothing else of his birth family. Thanks to, I found unknown cousins related to me through him! Remember…you can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you came from.

  4. Love your story- hope you enjoy speaking to cousins that knew him!

  5. the phonecall in 2000 may have been him, reaching out for contact..just a thought
    bless your family futures together

  6. That speaks well of your character, to feel your dad's emotional pain and to validate it too. Wow.

  7. Nothing racist about speculating that her Jewish branch was the NYC one … it's a simple demographic likelihood

  8. When u said his father looked for him and his mother in Thailand
    And his mother would not help him find his son Bc she Jewish and he didn’t have much at the time

    He never gave up even past death probably bought that property for him so he would know he was loved
    Even though he never got to see him
    Tears of joy and of heartbreak
    How many times did your dad think
    My own father doesn’t love me
    And here in this time it was never true
    Thank u for sharing

  9. You are just a lovely young lady! And your Dad is quite handsome himself, very nice picture of you both!. So glad you were able to put the pieces together and hope you and your are happy you know
    the real story.
    Peace and blessings to you both.
    Jane and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier

  10. so did you and your father go to Phillips grave site

  11. I am in the middle of a story like this myself. Through Ancestry, in just over a week, I've found my biological dad's family and have narrowed down my dad's name. My new family and I are so close to finding him! It looks like he most likely has passed, so that is a blow, but I still want to know who he is. This story is so inspiring to me!

  12. So sad that he didn’t live long enough to be reunited with his son?

  13. Ah family …. it'll tear you up! Great story that you handled with grace. Thank you for sharing! Wish you all peace. XO, Kelly

  14. I am so happy that you found this all out. I am sorry for the heartache that you all are growing through but glad that you have answers.

  15. hi there, , ive just watched your vid, as a 60_ something bloke from down under, i encourage you to continue your path, i will watch your channel. i lost my Dad [he passed away] 3 months before i was borne, and am now trying to find connections in the world, especially my kids [both adults], take care, enjoy, ans smile

  16. OMG, You worded just how I am feeling. From a DNA test that I tool 5 years ago, I just found out my Grandfather was not my Bio-Grandfather. I found four living siblings. But they are not "ready" to meet/talk to him. I know they are in shock…But we are too. Please pray that they will meet my Dad. He is in his late 70's. what a time to find out who your real Father is. I feel like in one day I lost the man that was my Grandfather, and gained a family that does not want to talk to us

  17. You are so beautiful! I am 100 % Jewish and live in Israel. What a touching story. Love to you from one of your Israeli Jewish sistas. ?

  18. It’s amazing how fast you found out. None of my matches have been as helpful as yours. They are closed up tight. I’m glad you got your answers.

  19. I am looking for my own Bio Father and found 2nd cousins…but I am hitting a wall everywhere, thanks for the reminder that it is worth continuing to do the work to find out who he is.

  20. My sister and I are on a similar quest. We had legal paper trail but now we know it’s false. DNA doesn’t lie. I’m excited my sister is apprehensive that the new family will not except us. I’m so looking forward to the adventure. Our Dad was loved by his mother and he loved us too. He lived a clean life and if he told someone he would do something he did. A gentleman to say the least. So I’d say we have good genes.

  21. Love, Love!!!! Sweet beautiful and sad and happy to know all you needed to know, wish you and your dad the best.????

  22. That's an amazing, bittersweet story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  23. Very sad, thank you for sharing…peace love and prayers…❤

  24. Now they have your DNA and your entire history. They have it all and can do anything with it. Research who the owner of and 123 ancestry. You are now in the DATA BASE and your privacy is gone. Hope it was all worth it. Never give anyone your DNA with out knowing what is going to be done with it. You look so familiar..have you been on TV?

  25. Your dad's childhood would certainly have been different, but not necessarily better…AND he may then never have met your mother.

  26. I cant understand your freaking monotonous mumble with that STUPID MUSIC on top! Annoying!

  27. Thank you for such a precious share. Big Love to You & your Dad.

  28. Thank you for sharing your story. My mom was adopted and we know nothing about her side. This gives me hope that we might, some day, find some answers.

  29. Thank you for sharing this journey, your family has gone through.. <3

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