1. Are you a natural red head or auburn? Because that is your Celtic DNA from the Irish and Basque people who have the highest level around. You also look like the Catalan people.

  2. My (uneducated) guess: 20-40% European (Mainly Iberian peninsula, some southern european, maybe some random british in the mix bc I feel like everyone randomly has british lol) about 40-50% native american, 10% african, maybe 2% middle east.

  3. I don't understand why you are surprised most of Latin Americans are a mixture of races we have native and European and African some have Middle Eastern and subsahara African and North African

    You should have 4 continents in you

    My mom has Iberian Peninsula and British and Italian Greek and big chunk of native Honduras with little south American native and she has middle eastern and North African with black African from different parts along the West Coast of Africa to South Africa small percentages of different areas

    I hope you understand that North African is of different stock then subsahara African I believe 20% of Spanish people from Spain carried North African dna North Africa includes Morocco and Algeria and Tunis and Libya

  4. Very low sound. Hard to hear. Quit playing with your hair.

  5. Beautiful. Could definitely pass for Brazilian. Mexican Food is awesome. Latin American seasoning = The Best.

  6. So you're 63% European, 28% Native American, 5% African, 3% Middle Easterner. Based on your appearance and the fact that you come from Nicaragua I was betting something around 70% European, 30% Native. My guess wasn't that bad, I think.

  7. What a beautiful heritage~you are very fortunate. You do look Italian. You are such a sweet girl. I really enjoyed this video.

  8. Been on the boards too. Still waiting for my results. Totally understand the nerves. I have zero idea about my background. Congrats on getting your answers.

  9. I hope you don't delete it. You're very pretty. It's interesting you mentioned being Nicaraguan. I think you resemble the model Christy Turlington. I believe her mother is Nicaraguan.

  10. Oh and interesting results, my results were:
    Great Britain 24%
    Europe West 10%
    Mali 9%
    Ivory Coast/Ghana 8%
    Benin/Togo 7%
    Cameroon/Congo 7%
    Africa Southeastern Bantu 6%
    Caucasus 5%
    Finland/Northwest Russia 4%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Nigeria 4%
    Scandinavia 4%
    Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
    Europe South 2%
    Native American 1%
    Senegal 1%
    Africa South Central Hunter-Gatherers <1%

  11. Your results mean you received Ancestry's updated version, which most people do not yet have. I wonder when they will update everyone else.

  12. At 55 seconds I assumed you were a bi racial woman raised by her white mother.

  13. before knowing ghe results, i thought you were Italian! im half Sicilian and you look so Italian!

  14. Basque is either Spanish or French, but truth be told, French Basques are not "really" Basques, they were displaced by French people from other regions, so that Basque must be Spanish, and I don't know how they distinguish them from the rest of Spanairds given that even though they are less "mixed", there isn't any significant difference between Basques and other Spaniards, and the commonly known as "Basque genetics", are the most common in the whole of Spain. Also, if your Spanish family was Basque, shouldn't you be actually mostly "Basque"? That cathegory doen't make sense to me. The same goes for Portugal. Basically, Basque is the most Spanish you can be, it makes no sense to make a new cathgory just for them, unless they make a new cathgory for Celtiberians and iberians plus Basques. Basically, the difference would be that Spanish Basques score 90% Iberian/Spanish/Portuguese, and the rest of Spanairds would score 75%.

  15. Funny video, don't delete this. Thanks for sharing. If it weren't for the Hispanic sounding name, I would've thought you were Egyptian, Middle-Eastern. Alot of people of Hispanic descent look North African, Middle Eastern.

  16. LOL ! 2:55 Sounds like an ignorant White woman unable to hide her racism. Mexican food is the best.

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