Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

Asian Americans Take A DNA Test

I can’t handle this right now!

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  1. I’m noticing most Asians who take dna test end up being almost close to 100% something. One of my Asian FB friends got like 98% Korean. It’s like all of the Asian countries hated each other and had a serious no mixing rule or something. Mean while those with African or European dna usually have so many different regions.

  2. Omg they are so less mixed than most DNA test I see. Asians really do not mixed compared to other groups?

  3. Me I’m Mexican but I had a great great grandfather that had green eyes and blonde hair so I’m wondering if he was from German Italy French or somewhere else.

  4. this video was sponsored by ancestry

  5. I’m like oh Asian dna I should look at this. And then you realize your high school friend is the person who administered the test.

  6. When you’re Asian and everyone thinks that you’re either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

  7. 100% southeast asian i think i have never took a dna test so my guess is that i have been in Indonesia for my whole life

  8. Why does the map of China in this video include Taiwan? Absolute garbage. Taiwan is a de facto independent state. Wanna travel to Taiwan? You need a passport. Do they have their own currency? Yes. Do they elect their own local, legislative, and executive leaders? Yes. Do they have their own military? Yes. Stop including Taiwan in maps of China.

  9. When I have the money I would love to do this test, but as a western european I feel like there's not gonna be a lot of surprises tbh
    On the other hand, all the other stuff 23andme covers with the 169$ package, I'm very curious about

  10. Wooow i wanna do that too
    I only know that i‘m 3/8 German 1/8 French 3/8 Vietnamese and 1/8 Chinese ?

  11. i just wanna to take the DNA too… because i wanna know if i have mixing DNA too..

  12. the Indian women she want to prove that she has kind of DNA that is related to other region than India based on what she said in the end of the video WTF?????

  13. 8:36 it’s Scandinavian!!! Not scandanavian?? I’m Scandinavian so I obviously know how to spell Our Region’s Name.

  14. Thats why we filipino might have a 1% of being Iberian because we are colonized by the Spaniards 100+ years ago if Im not mistaken and some of the Filipino words are from Spanish

  15. SML FILIPINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. My asian parents says the same thing. They dont go too much into details about our ancestors which is sad? they try to hide everything about our heritage

  18. woah, that girl has 100% indian gene, freeaaaking awesome. To me, any has 100% nation gene or have so many region (>5) gene is so awesome

  19. Hardly anyone white is from just one place. Our ancestors sure did get around?

  20. I don't think the Indian girl was upset that she was 100% Indian. I think she was really curious as to why, being that her mom had blonde hair and her uncle had blue eyes. I would've been curious too. Like how is she 100% Indian and her mother's not, ya know? I totally understand her concern & curiosity.

  21. Oh hey my mom is half Korean but somehow in this made up concept I’m not because I didn’t inherit her Korean dna even though half of my dna comes from my mom. Yeah right.

  22. The Indian girl looks like she is mixed with slightly fairer skin and quite different features from Indians I have seen. I read that in our cytoplasm are some scattered DNA and these can also be expressed and they dont show on regular DNA tests

  23. I’m Scandinavian, Cornish, Acadian, Japanese, Metis aboriginal, and some other aboriginal tribe.

  24. In every video like this I see, when they have some Scandinavian DNA is always like "Woooow, thats so good"

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