Are We Really Sri Lankan??? (Ancestry DNA Test)

Are We Really Sri Lankan??? (Ancestry DNA Test)

You know how all brown girls say they identify with Princess Jasmine the most? Well, she was the only “brown-looking” princess we had. We’ve never really felt like there was someone who represented us truly though, right? But what if there really was one, and we just didn’t know it??????

Drizza did an ancestry DNA test to find out how exotic we really are! If you think you know us, well hold onto your lungis because they’re about to hit da floor! #drizzaandtharminium #ancestryDNAtest



  1. Wow cool. I am trying the DNA test and found this. I am curious to know if all Sri Lankan Tamils have other blood groups that are rarer. Amazon has an EldonCard bloodgroup test. Just curious.

  2. Would recommend 23and me. has little reference populations for brown people, hardly any for Sri Lanka so would say results are often very wrong .

  3. If you trace the ancestry of South Asians to their very very early beginning, they are all from Aboriginals.

  4. I’m an Indian origin Sri Lankan Tamil/Sinalese mix. I ran my dna though my heritage. I’m 98% south Asian and 2% other. I suggest you also run the DNA on models like the Harappa project. Gives more accurate south Asian results aka which parts of South Asia etc.

  5. You guys are Lankan not Lankan 'Tamil' as that would just be saying Lankan twice. The word Lanka is from the Tamil word Ilankai thus you guys are just Lankan and only native Lankans can call themselves ie those who speak Tamil (language which originates from Lanka.). The Melanesian component is veyr interesting as Lanka was once part of the Lemurian continent which includes Australia so there is a distance relationship between Lankans and Australians.

  6. I feel so sorry for you guys trying to respond to negative comments in long paragraphs… thanks for sharing your results as we need more south Asians doing This!!

  7. Remember, before the Tamil and Sinhalese people arrived in Sri Lanka there were tribes people on the mountain (the Vedda People?). Some of them were probably quite good looking and who know, perhaps in places the communities over years became culturally united. When the Tamils came from India to Sri Lanka thousands of years ago they were coming from a more diverse land. In India in the North/North East if you go to the mountain tribes people they look Chinese! We all like to think were are 100% from one ethnicity because we like to have a strong identity. The truth is more complex always. I am from Kerala, South India. My mother was birn in Sri Lanka though to a migrant India. She always says that the Tamils in Sri Lanka look more like the Kerala (Malayali) people than they do the Indian Tamils.

  8. No whiteness? You all look like dark skinned south indians (like tamil or something) mixed with aboriginal fiji islands people…in fact you even got melanesia! lmao. Your very large noses and thick dark lips give it away. Also please don't say exotic…those are for arab looking girls like syrian/lebanese.

  9. Lots of Sri Lankan heritage comes from Mongolia… remember Kubla or Genghis Khan of Mongolia? Khan is a popular last name in Sri Lanka.

  10. "that noodle life" im laughing y'all are so funny

  11. Did you silly girls know the Veddah and the Tamils of Sri Lanka have the same haplo group "M" as Australians and Papuans? It could even be this marker that presents as Melanesian, Polynesian, you all share the oldest DNA on the planet. So you might just be Sri Lankan Tamil with some rare kinship with the Veddah.

  12. You people look like tamils, telugus, odias, bengalis n biharis. Hmm. all east coast people look similar. lol
    Melanesian dna in you makes sense. cause you and most tamils do look like melanesians. loll 🙂

  13. You should do Your sister should do test, because it be different. Your parents should take test also.

  14. Sadly no whiteness ???? You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that. Shame on you

  15. Sri lankans are black people too. They just dont want to admit it. A lot of you are darker than us afro americans. Yall are our black brothers and sisters. Admit it.

  16. "So we're gonna find out how brown we actually are." I lost it at this ??

  17. Thank you for posting this video!
    I too am a Sri Lankan tamil. I took the test on DNA ancestry as well and my results were similar.
    85% Asia South
    9% Asia East
    5% Melanesia
    1% Polynesia

  18. I took the DNA test also, I'm Indian! Just uploaded a video about it. Dope video you guys made!

  19. Does it not show sub division? Like it's obvious that South Asian DNA will be dominant in a South Asian but it should show what percentage are you Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannadiga, Sinhalese etc

  20. My mother is full Indian; family moved from Goa in the 40’s. Father is from Canary Islands. Pops thought she was a Spaniard when he first saw her. We live in NJ.
    I expected at least 50% South Asian from her.
    My results were
    58% Southern European (Italy and Portugal)
    26.5% Broadly South Asian
    15% Northern African
    Rest is unassigned
    WTF Breh?

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