AncestryDNA | Waiting For Your DNA Test Results? | Ancestry

AncestryDNA | Waiting For Your DNA Test Results? | Ancestry

Today is National DNA Day! Have you already taken an Ancestry DNA test and you are anxiously waiting for your results? Join Crista Cowan for a quick look at what you can do while you wait so you can make the most of your DNA results when they come in.

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AncestryDNA | Waiting For Your DNA Test Results? | Ancestry



  1. You can't do a tree if you are adopted and know nothing about your family. So my tree is dormant right now.

  2. My status bar is very different from the one showed in the video. It has Kit Activated, Kit Received, Sample Processing, DNA Extracted, DNA Analyzed, Results Ready. How long does the Results Ready step take???

  3. Even though you have a tree on Ancestry Subscription , you still have to do another tree after you activate your dna?

  4. ok my dad was born in 1917, he did not know his real dad, if I took the test would I know who his dad was ????? lol….

  5. I'm pretty impressed with ancestry dna. It helped my husband find and connect with family he never knew. His brothers and sisters( half siblings) were trying to find him for years. And ancestry has helped build that bridge. ? We're definitely grateful to God for having the opportunity to get a dna test. Thanks.

  6. I'm so excited. My cousin did hers and I have a half sister♡ sent my kit in and it arrived.

  7. What's the quickest time it can come back once it goes into "processing"

  8. This is all new to me. I am so anxious for my results! As of this writing, it is in Lab Processing now. Because my Mom left my biological father a year and a half after I was born, his side is a complete mystery to me. This information will help a lot!

  9. how or where do get a test, do i go somewhere? need to buy a kit?

  10. My family always talked about how we where Native American full blooded and we had large sets of twins that started withe my 4th generation grandpa Newton and Uncle Jasper and how they fought in civil war. Fount therm after ten years of researching and these men are white males confederate military now I know why my grandma and great grandmother eyes changed colors form green to blue and hazel. Still waiting on DNA test but very highly doubt any Native American in my blood at all. If anything West Indies,British,Irish,and Asian

  11. My husband has recently taken done DNA test and I've been watching as many of these educational videos as possible. What I am wondering is even though my husband is on my tree and I only have the one tree. Should I start a separate tree of his own to attach his results to as he is adopted? In my tree I have listed his parents as adoptive and biological but the lines are showing as him being of his biological mother and adoptive father? Is this the correct way to do it or she he have a separate tree that the results are attached too showing only his biological information?

  12. Crista I Have someone who I manage their tree.They would like to help with it,but they dont have a account.Without giving her my account information,how can she help with her tree and be a editor,since she doesnt have a account???

  13. I have purchased several AncestryDNA kits and passed them out to grandchildren, brother, cousin. I activated each one through my account and gave the submitters access to the results. They received an email from AncestryDNA acknowledging this access but the two that clicked the link think they need my logon and password to MY account to see the results. (There are no results yet, if that makes a difference.) I really don't want anyone accessing my personal account to get to their results. Is that how it really works?

  14. Hi Crista, thanks for all of the great videos you create, I get so much information from them! My Mom and I have been doing our genealogy for over 35 years now. We only have a couple of brick walls (with English/Irish sounding names). We are back to the late-1700s (a few mid-1700s) or early 1800s on all the other lines and all seem to be pretty Anglo sounding names. My mother's DNA came back as 50% Scandinavian from Ancestry and 20% from FTDNA. We tested 3 of her aunts with Ancestry (2 paternal, 1 maternal) and they are only 10, 11 and 14% Scandinavian, respectively. I would like to talk to someone about what we consider to be very odd results. Who could I contact at Ancestry to help me understand this?

  15. If both of my grandmothers parents had significant amounts of Native American ancestry, will it show up on me more than likely? Thanks Crista!

  16. my mom said she will not do the dna test, my dad is died, i did do my dna test, will my dna test do any good?

  17. I bought a DNA kit for my Mom and she activated it. How do I link her results to my tree.

  18. one thing I like about the generic photo is at least I know if I am related to a male or a female. That actually has helped me.

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