AncestryDNA Tag • @glamazini

AncestryDNA Tag • @glamazini

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// KayaJourney tagged me! I’m answering questions about my origin and sharing dna test results!

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Tag Question:
1. Where were you born?
2. Where were your parents born?
3. Where were your grand/great grandparents born?
4. Have you heard any stories about relatives being of any other race/nationality other than your parents or grand parents?
5. Have you ever been mistaken for any nationalities or races?
6. If you had to guess, what percentage and region dominate your DNA? Why?
7. Which region would you be shocked to have in your DNA? Why?
8. Who do you tag?


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Hi, I’m Roshini! I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband and son who was born with Spina Bifida. Most people find me because of natural hair but then they keep me for more lol. I’ve been told I’m inspiring, tell a pretty funny story, and have a beautiful head of hair. Somewhere at the intersection of glamor, humor, and motivation, that’s me. If that’s your flow then SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Thanks! ♡




  1. In these things, 'Irish' tends to include Scots – same ethnic background. And Scots were pretty numerous as overseers on British-owned plantations.

  2. Girl i don't know where to begin cuz I ain't got no loot for Ancestry DNA…although I have been working on the family tree for 15 yrs….but mine is so complicated. I do know I have Caucasian in my DNA but I don't know from where. Maybe somebody in my family will gift me that DNA duckets for said test.

  3. Ahhh?? When was New Zealand ever in Asia???? Now if you have Asia East in your DNA listing you may also have trace Pacific Islander listings, so you could be listed (as I am) as Pacific Islander. I am 2% Polynesian and 1% Melanesian. Asia East boarders Melanesia which in turn boarders Polynesia. Not hard to work out that folk got together.

  4. Hi Beautiful…love your channel….thanks for sharing. I subscribed to
    your channel. Hope you can check out mine and subscribe back.

  5. my family took the ancestry dna test. its better if several family members take it because each sibling pics up different things from the parents. its very interesting

  6. My sister just mentioned this during lunch today. You know a lit. I know zero.

  7. the scene with the lady speaking a different language to you was fascinating!!!

  8. the US virgin ISland has a great Ghana presence. the Akwamu people were defeated by the Akyem and the ir allies Ga people and entirely all their warriors and tso any of their people were taken into slavery and shipped to the Virgin Islands by the Danish. the Danish used to be the main European occupants of the Gold Coast region around the same time the owned the Virgin Islands. The revolt of the 1700s were led by the Akwamu. look more into it.

  9. ?? you did it, thank you so much. I look like my husband side of family a lot more than my own family, I have the same issue as you. Heck a few neighbors thought we were siblings for years until I got pregnant. Pretty awkward conversation ?

  10. I actually did spring for an AncestryDNA test…spit in the tube and put it in the box and everything…and left it on my dining room table and forgot all about it until I saw this video ?

  11. It would be so interesting to be swabbed and see what is all up in me. I know that great grands is where other races come in on both sides. I often get asked if I am African. Particularly from Ghana. Very often. My answer can honestly be of course. Would not be shocked about anything. Asia is definitely in the house. My eyes are somewhat hooded and two of my daughters have serious hoods. My son got mistaken for an asian baby until the melanin flooded in.

  12. It's sad that many black people like me don't know much about their family ancestry, generations down. I can go as far as my fraternal grands and my maternal great grands…My new years gift to myself will be a DNA test from and then I will do this challenge. Your family is quite interesting…family crest and the islands!

  13. Hey you said my name ?. You do look like u could be igbo like me (actually nigerian in general). I dont know why exactly, but you just look like some relatives I have?. I'm 1st generation nigerian american who spent the majority of my life in STL so I'm limited in what I can tell you bout Nigeria?

  14. Chioma is an Igbo name, and the Igbo people come from Nigeria. (Igbo is pronounced e-bo in case anyone was wondering)

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