AncestryDNA Results| Sherly Smith

AncestryDNA Results| Sherly Smith



  1. Omg I really wanna do this!! Well you wouldnt survive where I live in Toronto Canada. lol looking great as usual. I think it would be so cool to do one of these, thanks for sharing doll!!

  2. I lived in the cold all my life, now that I'm in Vegas I can't imagine living in a cold climate again. Sugar is my crack too. Very interesting. Your results were a little more detailed then some. I think these test are intersting, but I questions them a lot based on how I've heard they gather and obtain the information. But they are fun and interesting. Tfs???

  3. I have been thinking about doing this. So did you do Ancestry DNA ? Did you just give them a sample of your saliva ? This makes me want to do it more and more. TFS xoxo

  4. Hey sis, I definitely want to do this too! I think it’s so important to know your family’s ancestry. Great job! Tfs❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. oh wow i would love to do this myself one day. thank you for sharing your results

  6. Heyy Sis, Very interesting results! I'm considering doing this too. Thanks for sharing! ?

  7. Reduce foods with gluten in them too. That helps with arthritis. That’s cool. I’m thinking about doing an ancestry dna myself. Tfs

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