AncestryDNA Results: My Mom’s vs My Sister’s & My 23andMe Results + GedMatch

AncestryDNA Results: My Mom’s vs My Sister’s & My 23andMe Results + GedMatch

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Mommy’s Results are finally here!

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Alison’s 23andMe DNA Reaction Video!!!

Makeup by @allieIBC (Follow on IG, Twitter, & FB)

Video Details:
“All Flags” Original music by Clifton Harrydass aka 3Shadeblue
Camera: MacBook Pro
Editing: iMovie
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  1. Love my black people you are very beautiful!! She looks like my auntee im from senegal

  2. Great results, check again though because HUGE update occurred on the site and it’s changed a lot. My results are updated are on my page along with my Puerto Rican family. ?

  3. I swear, once I saw your mum even before you said anything, I was shouting Ghana, Ghana. She looks totally Ghanaian. Go buy land for her in Accra. We 'continental Africans' take these the fact that we were born into our identity for granted. Thank God for DNA technology, our brothers and sisters in the diaspora can have some sort of closure. Akwaaba, mummy. Welcome.

  4. I did 23andme for the health info. I am exactly who I thought I was.

  5. Awwww your Mum’s so lovely! Big hugs from England ?

  6. My late husband is from St.vincent and the Granadine, is from Layou him family name is Browne and Daniel,,hey Vincy Family hope to come and meet you guys one day. ??????????????????

  7. Ces video font sourire les africains du continent. Beaucoup parmi nous peuvent deviner vos origines avant meme la lecture des resultats de test Dna. Il y a une grande difference physique entre un nigerian, un camerounais, un beninois, un malien et un senegalais. Il faut venir en Afrique pour le comprendre. C'est tres facile a verifier. Bonne chance dans la vie.

  8. I thought we can't get dna test results from our father because we are women.

  9. Your Mum is clearly a no nonsense woman. When I see her I have the feeling that she never let you get away with any crappy behaviour. She's done right.

  10. Mom is so elegant and regal (smile). A true Hebrew Israelite! Review or research your haplogroup and compare to the Israelites on your tube and that will reveal more information to you.

  11. Your mom is so beautiful! Her smile makes me smile! I'm 79% West Africa and I'm closer to her skin tone.

  12. 95% omg so freaking lucky! I'm happy for you guys!!!!

  13. Welcome to the club. It’s a most auspicious group. Come on in get comfortable there’s much to discuss.

  14. Aww. You guys are so cute together. Love how close you girls appear to be with your mom, "mummy this, mummy that" lol. Excellent work on your testing ladies, very thorough. Might I also add that your mom is absolutely STUNNING!! Her skin is like Black Satin. 95% African yaaaayyy!!

  15. The two sisters should have identical results if they both have the same two parents.

  16. Seriously your mom look typically Ghanaian but any ways same people of Ghana make up ivory cost so it's cool she got the west African face. Wow she's a blessing

  17. Wow!!! Thanks For Sharing Your Family With Us!!! I'm Thinking About Doing My DNA With I Did Not Know There Were Other Companies That Did The Same Thing. I Found You By Searching…and I'm Glad I Did!!! You Are So Pleasant, Beautiful Smile, And Now I See Where You Get Most Of Your Features…From Your Beautiful, African Mother!!!

    It Was So Cute To See How Excited You Were To Find Out Your 90% African. It Made Me Happy For You And Made Me LOL Too!!! I'm Expecting To Be African Too, It's Just The Matter Of % Wise. Tell Me…Is The Company You Used Less Cost than Or About The Same? Hopefully, You're Still On This Site To See My Reply!!! Blessings To You And Yours!!! 🙂

  18. She's genetically more subsaharan than me and I have zero diasporan relative. Born and raised in East Africa.

  19. You guys look Akan I swear, I did not even need to see your results to know you come mainly from Ivory Coast or Ghana, especially your mom she actually looks like my best friend and we are Ivorians. Alison, you look a bit more like a mix of Akan and Malinke compared to your mommy and sister. I took the ancestrydna test and have a cousin from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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